Above the Law

To the Editor:

Evidently no one is above the law unless you are a Democrat.

Hillary Clinton broke numerous laws in her misuse of personal and government technology for which any other citizen other than a Democrat would be sitting in jail. Then after being subpoenaed she destroys evidence regarding her “extremely careless” use of her servers.

Democrats pay for uncorroborated dirt from a Russian “spy” and lie to the FISA court to perpetuate the collusion lie. Again, failing to follow the proper guidelines and law concerning this type of incident. Is anyone else still waiting for Schiff to produce his undeniable proof of collusion?

Comey illegally removes and leaks classified information from his office. Since his actions were used to attempt to smear Trump it was “above the law.” Most recently Pelosi announces that the House is opening a formal impeachment investigation without having the required vote in the House.

Today Shifty Schiff fails to follow Intelligence Committee protocol by holding a public hearing regarding the Ukraine. Rather than investigate the real culprit, Joe Biden, they put on another dog-and-pony show trying to destroy Trump while performing his duties as president. All accusations were made without any evidence of misbehavior because the person involved in this manufactured constitutional crisis is a Republican.

For as long as the Democrats can use it, you will be hearing about the “above the law ” third party “whistleblower” whose identity I promise you will be leaked by another “above the law” Trump hating Democrat. The motivation for another drawn-out, lying story by the Democrats and the fake news colluders is due to their knowing that they do not have a candidate who can defeat Trump in the 2020 elections. Evidently, anything being used to diminish/destroy Trump’s presidency is “above the law.”

Thomas P. Neiderer


Forest mismanagement

To the Editor:

When you pay or try to obtain fire insurance be sure and thank CSERC and all the rest of the greenies for the high cost of protection.

• Stopping most logging to protect spotted owls and promote overgrown forests.

• Cutting grazing in half to stop cows from stepping on frogs of fish and saving brush fields from extinction.

• Promoting wild and scenic rivers so no fire equipment can be used near rivers or retardant dropped close by.

• Stopped drafting of water from rivers or creeks without first checking for endangered species.

• Fighting the construction of new or maintaining of existing roads which help in controlling fire.

• Picketing of PG&E contractors when they go to cut hazard trees around power lines.

• Needing an ARCHY with the cat boss so they don’t run over an old miners ditch or 50 year old Lucky Lager beer can.

This kind of explains mismanagement of the forest the last 50 years. It’s time to wake up and smell the roses. On the bright side the Breen Bats, Bay Area Transplants, won’t have so much money to donate to these groups after they pay for their fire insurance.

Tom Gookin