The bad seed

To the Editor:

What's it going to take to convince the remaining 31 percent of Americans that he is the "bad seed?"

He is a sexual pervert and serial molester of women. He feels, and has told us, that he has every "right" to fondle any woman he chooses. At least 14 cases are in court for assault against women. Not even his own daughter is exempt from his uncontrolled lust.

You can count for yourselves that he has dishonored eight of the Ten Commandments. He has many business failures including six bankruptcies; over 400 court cases filed against him for stiffing workers and contractors; dozens of undocumented workers found working at his properties; and more.

He buys influence/extortion (Ukraine); lines his own pocket by stealing from Department of Defense (Trump Properties); forces tax deals that gives your money to the wealthy ($2.3 trillion added to our debt), etc. His attorney general takes documents and lies to us about the contents. And when we find out the truth, they just tell us to "forget about it."

Forget about 10 cases of obstruction of justice, five key figures in his life in jail and one waiting to be sentenced; dozens of indictments; ad nauseam.

Why did he get to see the Mueller Report first and be allowed time to doctor it? Why did he receive the "Ukraine scandal whistleblower report" and not the proper folks in Congress? Just like a criminal who gets to edit the evidence before it gets to the judge and jury.

However, he is in a field of his own when it comes to lies and misleading claims — now approaching 13,000.

This man is an illegitimate president, a perverted prevaricator, a shake down con man, he belongs in the "big house" not the white house. He is the "bad seed."

Domenic Torchia


A nation imperiled

To the Editor:

I am writing to express my deep concern regarding the failure of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) to forward the whistleblower complaint of Aug. 12 to the congressional intelligence committees.

The Inspector General had determined this complaint to be both “credible” and “urgent”. The law is very clear: the DNI “shall” forward the complaint to Congress within seven days. There is no wiggle room for interpretation, no exceptions or qualifications.

It matters little to me what the complaint is regarding. It is the blatant flouting of the rule of law that concerns me.

Heretofore, I have been a supporter of a methodical, thoughtful approach to the presidential impeachment proceedings. As a former police detective I can appreciate the advantages of a thorough and complete investigation. But this contravention of law is a step too far, and it too clearly shows a corruption of the constitutional process so necessary to the health of our nation.

This action must not be allowed to go unchallenged by the Congress. I urge everyone to contact their representatives and ask that they pursue this matter until the law has been complied with – including impeachment proceedings forthwith.

Mark Eilrich