Ban assault weapons

To the Editor:

A writer in the Democrat said, “What happened to cause the denial of the God-given, right (open carry) at the hand of our masters in Sacramento?”

It is not a right given to us by God to carry guns. Where did he get that?

The 2nd Amendment says we have the right to defend ourselves. But, the day this letter was printed a crazed gunman with an AR-47 assault weapon killed 22 people and injured 26 others. The 2nd Amendment did not say it was fine to own military assault weapons.

Texas has an open carry policy, but the people in Walmart weren’t saved by anyone in the store carrying weapons.

The shooter had to drive from Dallas to kill innocent people. When will Trump put down his golf clubs and stand up and condemn white supremacists, and stop inciting racist violence in his vile tweets and rallies?

This morning I heard that there was another mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio. Two in one day.

May God save us from leaders like white nationalist, Donald and Moscow Mitch. All they care about is money, greed and power. There is blood on their hands for inciting and condoning white nationalist terrorists.

Sydney Taylor


A war story

To the Editor:

Wow. What an exceptional privilege to have a DC-3 right here in our very own Columbia Airport.

I am a healthy 90 years old and I remember World War II very well. My uncle Captain Roy Faris was a pilot during that war and flew out of England on many flights. I wrote to him every week and he always responded. I remember one letter he said he had “checked out in Piccadilly” a particular part of England he visited.

He came home in one piece and married his brother’s widow, my mother Lois Faris. He then became my stepfather instead of Uncle Roy.

I loved and admired him very much.

Jackie Heintz

Angels Camp

Lester Holt

To the Editor:

I watched the network news last night, something that I’ve been avoiding as of late. I noticed that Lester Holt is as Walter Cronkite once was, “The most trusted newscaster in America.”

I don’t have a large enough sample size to verify his status, but I did notice that he’s black, and that nobody cares. I’m glad that I’ve lived long enough to see this.

It’s a better world now than the one a lot of us can remember.

Charles Neilsen

Angels Camp

County needs better money management

To the Editor:

Karl Rodefer is not running for election. Good. He knows he will not win in the upcoming election of 2020 because he has made a mess of our budget during his eight years in office.

Karl and Randy Hanvelt were on the budget committee.

They were quoted saying that they did not meet often enough to realize that the new Justice Center was going to cost too much to fully staff and the county was going to run into cost overruns if built or built as large as planned (how many times did Debi Bautista warn them about her concerns in public meetings to these so called big money managers?).

We are not even done building it yet and we have county safety officials saying that “cutting services to minimum is unacceptable.”

Evan Royce got it. He voted against it while talking about the costs involved.

Karl and Randy managed huge budgets while in past jobs. So what?

Sheri Brennan was right there voting with Karl and Randy, You might want to reconsider running Sheri. You are complicit now.

You voted for it so you own it. Have you driven on Hospital or Cabezut Roads lately? Falling apart but we will have a new half built “Justice Center” and your cows are OK.

Tuolumne County voters: We can do better. Elect a supervisor who can read a budget and vote accordingly. It’s just not that hard as proven by Evan Royce.

Chuck Kiel


We need our library

To The Editor:

Every year the library struggles with budget cuts. I often wonder if the budget cutters understand the breadth of library services.

As supervising librarian, I used a wealth of resources to answer a variety of requests every day.

A widow needed a copy of her business permit from the 1970s which was found on Union Democrat microfilm, whose archives go back to the mid 1850s. A Vietnam veteran wanted to know if a buddy he served with was still alive.

The answer was found beginning in Heritage Quest Genealogy database. A reader requested a Christian fiction book and a list of library owned books was created.

A senior asked for a specific magazine article about a WW2 airplane written in the ’40s. It was available from Los Angeles Public Library through interlibrary loan. I could go on.

A mother was grateful to see her child with autistic spectrum disorder sit through a preschool story time.

Divorced parents scheduled child visitation in a quiet, neutral space. Young adults are welcomed in a safe place after school. I could go on.

The library is unique because it offers free access to people of all ages, genders, religions, ethnicities, income levels and intellectual abilities.

The mission is to provide combined educational, informational, recreational and literacy needs to our community.

Having worked for Los Angeles and Santa Monica Public Library systems for decades, I can tell you how much this library is the heart of our community and it is greatly appreciated.

Christine Greenberger


Find a solution to gun violence

To the Editor:

Here we go again. One side says, “take all guns away”, or some variation. The other side says, “the second amendment protects the right of individuals to bear arms”.

Thanks to the NRA, little or nothing gets done. And it remains the status quo.

Let’s talk about some things that could be done. The assault weapons ban lasted 10 years and was allowed to expire in 2004.

Why in the world did that happen? The Republicans as well as the Democrats, all so beholding to lobbying groups that rational decisions go unaddressed.

Assault weapons are simply killing machines and should only be in the hands of the military and law enforcement. What private citizen needs one?

OK, keep your hand guns and hunting rifles if you think they make you safer, but assault rifles?

By the way, I spent a decade with a law enforcement agency and do not recall one incident when a private person protected themselves or their loved ones, but I do recall numerous incidents of domestic gun violence and accidental child shootings when weapons were not safely stored.

High-capacity clips is another issue for review.

We also need to appropriately deal with the mental health issues. Providing expert mental health discussion at high school and junior high school levels could help youths before they come to a crisis point in their lives.

The federal and state governments could lead this approach.

We all hope for an end to this plague on this great country. The answers may be slow and imperfect, but let’s come together to do the right thing.

John Quartarolo


Send me the money

To the Editor:

Last year I wrote a letter regarding the homeless problem. I suggested building something by the new jail of the Tuolumne County Center to help alleviate the situation.

Now the county is broke, laying people off, etc.

Yet the county can pay someone $80,000 (money we don’t have) to tell us what to do with the excess land there.

You can send half of the amount to me because I already told you what should be done with the excess land, which would eliminate laying anyone off.

Charles Narry


The entire Constitution, not just one amendment

To the Editor:

Article I, Section 8:

The Congress shall have power … To provide for calling forth the militia to execute the laws of the Union, suppress insurrections, and repel invasions;

To provide for organizing, arming and disciplining the militia, and for governing such part of them as may be employed in the service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively the appointment of the officers, and the authority of training the militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress;

Article II, Section 2: The President shall be Commander in Chief of the army and navy of the United States, and of the militia of the several states, when called into the actual service of the United States…

Amendment 2 - Right to Bear Arms. 12/15/1791.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Amendment 5 - Trial and Punishment, Compensation for Takings. 12/15/1791.

No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger…

Federalist 29: If a well-regulated militia be the most natural defense of a free country, it ought certainly to be under the regulation and at the disposal of that body which is constituted the guardian of the national security. If standing armies are dangerous to liberty, an efficacious power over the militia, in the body to whose care the protection of the State is committed, ought, as far as possible, to take away the inducement and the pretext to such unfriendly institutions.

Gary Sipperley

Twain Harte

Biden is wrong about Republicans

To the Editor:

Democratic candidate and ex-Vice President Joe Biden recently accused Republicans and conservatives of causing American children to “live in fear” because they would not bow down to the Democratic solution to mass violence in the country.

Indeed, living in fear is a terrible thing and he is right that our children should not be subjected to it.

Nor should our adults.

However, what he fails to point out is that the biggest purveyors of fear in our country are the radical left and environmental extremists, both of whom make Chicken Little look like a Buddhist monk.

“The world will end in four years unless you do exactly as we say. And maybe even then, since we’ve waited too long. I mean, every person in the world consumes the equivalent of a credit card in plastic every day and everything you put on, eat, touch and breathecauses cancer. Let’s face it, you are toast. You have no future and it’s your fault for not being nice to Mother Nature.”

This is what our kids get in public schools everyday from teachers who have drunk the ego-centric Kool Aid and somehow think that scaring kids to death will solve the problem.

Little wonder that many of our children see no future for themselves, reject any kind of moral framework and too often see suicide as their only escape.

Shame on those who are willing to sacrifice the children of our country to advance their own misguided political and social agenda.

Let our kids be kids and enjoy their innocence while they can.

They will lose it soon enough.

David Peters


Some growth is malignant

To the Editor:

Fast tracking the execution of defenseless animals due to budgetary constraints is and forever will be a condemnable smear on our leadership in these enlightened times.

On a lighter note, the Sonora Brewery exterior ‘wall art vs advertising’ decision will hopefully reflect the understanding that advertising can often be art. Look at the many pricey examples in neighboring window displays of ‘antique’ ad art.

Perhaps the clandestine mural can stay with the condition it be painted over if deemed necessary for Sonora to be granted historic status.

The main lesson is we live in a significant, irreplaceable historic community which would benefit from dedicated Planning Committees and Commissions as well as Design & Review Boards to preserve the integrity that draws commerce here.

Too bad most of those once numerous local groups have already been lost to the chopping block to streamline growth. Let’s keep in mind some types of growth are malignant. As our four legged friends may find in terror, cutting costs can kill.

R.D. Haratani