Let nature live

To the Editor:

An article in last Saturday’s Union Democrat warned caution when using pesticides in your garden. I will go further and warn — Just Say No! There are already God-planned checks and balances in nature, and you will kill the balances.

I learned that back in the late 80s. I donned Hazmat respirators resembling fly eyes while carrying a sprayer filled with Diazinon. The horrified mothers on my street yelled for their children to come inside. I killed every single living creature in my garden except the white fly. They breed on that stuff.

To add more insult, I used plenty of chemical rose fertilizers on my roses. The roses eventually turned into leafless sticks with no flowers. I had turned the soil into salt and not a living creature, including earthworms, survived. I had implemented Armageddon in my backyard.

I had a truckload of chicken fertilizer delivered to dig into the soil. I asked for divine forgiveness as I placed all chemicals in a Tupperware container until the city provided a hazardous waste pickup. Every time I opened it, I lost IQ points. I fertilized with blood meal, fish fertilizer and other wastes that tended to smell if allowed to get wet and within a year there was again life. Ladybugs ate the aphids. Sunshine killed the mildew. Spiders, praying mantis and birds ate other insects. And, neighborhood children could again play outside.

I have long been a member of the American Rose Society, but they continuously advertise chemical killers. Money talks. Nature begs for your intelligence to flower. Don’t you wonder why their smell makes you light-headed upon inhalation? Why the skull and crossbones warnings are required by law? Why local chemical laden garden stores immediately recommend profitable remedial poison? Save money and let Mother Nature live.

Jo Anna Savage

Twain Harte

Indivisible fights for democracy

To the Editor:

A story in Tuesday’s paper “Sonora Vigil Shines Light on Immigration Policies” describes the pro-democracy group Indivisible as “left wing.” Why would a journalist, supposedly seeking accuracy and unbiased reporting use such language? Couldn’t he have at least look at the mission statement of this group to see that they are for democracy?

Come on, we need honesty in the language we choose. Left and right wing are generally defined as uncompromisingly far to the extremes and by definition then — anti democracy. Liberal and conservative accurately describe philosophies that fit in a democratic system, one for a bit more government regulation, the other for less but both open to allowing the democratic process work out the best compromises.

Please edit in future to ensure that your articles are not damaging and inflammatory.

Bob Wetzel


President deserves support

To the Editor:

Recently I read an article by a local resident titled “Death by 1,000 cuts” directed at our President Donald Trump. It reminded me that shortly after he became president violent threats were made: a Hollywood female movie and TV star displayed a decapitated head of Trump; a Broadway play depicted Trump as Julius Ceasar being stabbed to death; and a Hollywood male star suggested on TV that perhap it’s time for another assassination of a president.

So the beat goes on as this critic states “This man is a proven psycho, a criminal, a con man, a sexual pervert, a documented traitor and has lied 1,000 times.”

Therefore, the bottom line is “start an impeachment inquiry, let it punish him like a Death by 1,000 Cuts.”

This defamation of character to any president is a deviation from what is right, true and moral. The talk of impeachment of the president is way out of line and completely out of the box. It even violates principles of common sense and freedom of speech.

The vicious rage and hate that permeates against our president by the left-wing Democrats, news media hate groups and the Hollywood/TV industry is depressing to me.

President Trump receives 90 percent negative reporting while his achievements and positive changes are rarely reported and if so, not honest or factual thus the term “Fake News” is born.

It is a miracle that in spite of all this chaos that President Trump continues to make most of his promises come true. The fact is the record will show he has done a great job for the American people and this country. In doing this he is worthy and deserving of our respect and loyalty.

Richard Anderson

Twain Harte