Voter responsibility requires character

To the Editor:

A particularly disgraceful letter to the editor was printed last weekend. To write such words, send it in to the paper and sign your name represents the character of this American voter.

Hypocrites to the core. There has never been more subversion and corruption in American politics than today — all ignored by liberals with a cult-like dedication. Now life threatening for America, it is planned and executed by elites who put words into the mouths of people to parrot — never research. The offending editorial quoted the Trilateral Commission’s creation, Jimmy Carter. David Rocke­feller first invented Jimmy Carter around 1971 and arranged for Brzezinski to train him in global politics.

The first response to facts is typically “conspiracy theory.” Words attacking character over facts define ad hominem politics. Commonly used retorts such as racist, bigot, etc., have become the vocabulary of the liberal. Ask for supporting details and receive a rude, angry response. Or, you are “proselytizing” and they are “offended”. The anger is scripted. Hillary and Elizabeth perfected it in 2016.

Next is a cult-like dedication to rage and hate. It has become, as Alinsky promised, the fun. The hate allows any form of aggression and the liberal movement enjoys the challenge of getting by with it. Law and order are discarded in revolutions.

Finally, there is no analysis of what replaces the chaos you encourage. Solzhenitsyn wrote about the Russian aftermath under Lenin and Stalin and eventually the Ukrainian Holodomor, Mao and Castro represent revolutionary communism and few horrors compare to Pol Pot’s Killing Fields in Cambodia. The word progressivism is another word for communism, which supported all these atrocities. Communism is the end result of the ideologies of the far left wing of the Democrat podium as history has repeatedly demonstrated.

Jo Anna Savage

Twain Harte

A failed asylum policy

To the Editor:

Trump manufactured a crisis, then a romance with North Korea. Stop building nukes and missiles. Denuclearize. He failed. North Korea continues building nukes and missiles.

Trump broke a treaty and manufactured a crisis with Iran. Trump’s bullying will fail. The Iran nuclear treaty was working and has the world’s support. Countries are angry. We’ve abused our role in the world’s banking system. Countries in Europe and Asia are developing ways to sidestep our dollars, our banks, and our sanctions.

Trump’s horrific asylum deterrents will fail. Our previous asylum process worked well. Asylum seekers wore tracking devices and stayed with friends, not in inhumane detention camps at a cost of $1 billion a year. Ninety-eight percent appeared in court. We hired more judges, processed asylum cases quickly, and returned those people who did not qualify.

With $250 million in foreign-aid to Central America, we helped countries fight their gangs. We circulated leaflets and taught people the very strict requirements for asylum. These policies worked. The number of asylum seekers dropped.

Trump manufactured the humanitarian crisis. He stopped the foreign-aid and created horrible conditions to deter asylum seekers. His deterrents have failed. The numbers are back up, way up.

Trump calls immigrants, “criminals and rapists.” Not true. Crime rates among immigrants are lower than the national average. Net illegal immigration has been zero for many years. The vast majority of undocumented immigrants have lived and worked here for over a decade. They have built their families — here. Trump is not deporting criminals. He’s separating working moms and dads from their kids.

Congress is ready to pass a workable immigration reform, but Trump’s opposed. Undocumented immigrants would earn their citizenship with military service. Companies hiring undocumented immigrants at slave wages would get big fines. No illegal jobs—no illegal immigrants.

Marvin Keshner


County officials raises

To the Editor:

Let’s say you own a company and your company is in debt. Your employee comes to you for a raise, you must say no because you are not making a profit.

Now let’s say you work in our local government. The newly hired public defender gets an $18,000 raise before he even accepts the job. That job is given to our county counsel’s husband. What?

Gets better, Laura Krieg, our elected D.A., gets a 5 percent raise in March and now is asking for another raise. Could it be that she thinks it’s unfair that the newly hired PD got $18,000 more than the last?

With the millions of dollars this county has in budget deficit, does anyone think it’s a good idea to raise salaries for county employees or elected officials? I think not.

Sheri Malone


Turn signals

To the Editor:

Please, for the love of the residents of and visitors to Tuolumne County, use your turn signal. It’s not just courtesy or the law. Someone is going to get killed.

I live in Twain Harte, and there are a couple places here that are particularly dangerous – for example the entrance to Twain Harte Village Shopping Center and the triangle at the arch. The problem is that people will make assumptions, assuming that the oncoming vehicle will turn and it therefore safe to pull out in front of it. How long before that assumption is fatal?

The problem exists all over the county. At a yard sale a couple years ago, I actually met a guy who complained that people use their turn signals too much. Huh?

So while we’re debating the state of politics in our country or the past and future of the TCEDA, please, please use your gosh-darned turn signals.

Gary Sipperley

Twain Harte

Fair fireworks pose a hazard

To the Editor:

I am shocked to learn that the Mother Lode Fair is planning a fireworks show this coming week on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. Are they crazy?

Fireworks are not allowed anywhere in Tuolumne County. Is there no consideration for the safety of the hillside neighborhood adjacent to the fairgrounds? That whole neighborhood has only one emergency evacuation route, which gets pinched down to one-and-a-half lanes at the bridge crossing Sonora Creek.

Isn’t there another way to increase fair attendance without putting the community in harm’s way?

In the event that a fire is started, who would be held responsible? The State of California? The Mother Lode Fair board? Tuolumne County? Who is authorizing this fireworks show? Have the Sonora Fire Department and Cal Fire approved this? Is there a neighborhood evacuation plan over that narrow bridge? Lots of questions to be answered to assure the community that this is a safe activity.

And lastly, did the Mother Lode Fair Board conduct an analysis as required by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)? The Fair Argument Standard: Requires the lead agency, (Fair Board) when it is presented with a fair argument that a project, (an activity), may have a significant effect on the environment, to prepare an EIR even though it may be presented with other substantial evidence that the project will not have significant effect on the environment. (CEQA Guidelines, $15064, subd. (g)(1)) Whether a fair argument can be made is to be determined by examining the entire administrative record. (CEQA Guidelines, $ 15384)

Fireworks at the fairgrounds in the middle of the summer certainly requires such a review because of the potential danger that the Fair Board is putting the neighborhood in.

It sends the wrong message to the community that prohibits fireworks.

Thad Waterbury


New UD magazine

To the Editor:

What a nice surprise. I opened my Democrat the other day to find my copy of Sierra Lifestyles. I miss my Friends and Neighbors Magazine, so this was a welcome gift wrapped up in my newspaper. Thank you Democrat management, staff, writers and everyone who contributes to our community.

Myrna Doering


Republic on the brink?

To the Editor:

We gave you “[a] republic,” Benjamin Franklin said, “if you can keep it.”

That was then, look what we have now.

If it weren’t so serious the irony might kill me. The party that carries the word “Republic” in its name, gleefully participates in dismantling the Republic.

The Framers of our Constitution had prescribed this form of government for the United States of America. They rejected direct democracy because they feared the rule by a populist strongman.

That was then, now we have a populist strongman. His administration flatly ignores the rule of law.

The Constitution prescribes government by three co-equal branches. A wise choice because, like the child’s play of scissors, paper, rock, it makes it impossible for two players to gang up on the third. Donald Trump wants none of this: “I can do whatever I want.”

Will the Supreme Court use its power as an independent, co-equal branch of Government to rein him in?

Will “We, the people,” let him get away with that?

The House of Representatives attempts to oversee his administration. The Constitution says it is their job. In this president’s eyes that’s rather ludicrous. He thinks he is above the law. His Attorney General William Barr taunts Speaker Pelosi, “did you bring handcuffs?”

Catch me if you can is a scofflaw’s attitude. It’s the Trumpian attitude. Yet, “We, the People” are ultimately the Sovereign of the United States of America. We can break the temporary power of a runaway president and his obsequious enablers in the Senate at the ballot box.

We must not let the Republic fade into oblivion.

Klaus Kraemer