Interchange coming soon?

To the Editor:

A reminder to the planners and supervisors, the deleted off ramps at Standard Road and Peaceful Oak. What is the status on completing the interchange? With the gas tax to increase again soon, the money should be rolling in. This should be a shovel-ready project. The ramps were in the original plan, so let’s move ahead. Caltrans should get this approved and go to bid. I want to see grade stakes and excavators.

Jon Rodgers


Democrats have money problems, too

To the Editor:

My Democratic Party is cor- rupted by moneyed interests, too. And we Democrats who mostly still believe in democracy and accepting the will of the people, must work ever harder to remove the corruption.

Knowing that it is the corruption that is the enemy, not the institutions of our political party or our government founded on democratic principles. The GOP, and the 40 percent of this country who still self-identifies as “conservative Republicans” seems to have a far graver problem. Their actions show that they have abandoned the country’s core principle of democracy in favor of seizing power and holding on to it by whatever means they can get away with.

If my Democratic Party ever elects a perverted criminal (being black is not a crime) I hope that my fellow Democrats would join with all to remove the scoundrel. Will my fellow Americans who are still GOP subscribers awaken and come home to Democratic principles or will they celebrate the continued seizing of power and drive this country toward autocracy?

A rising tide of enlightened people already are in the majo ity and that majority is grow- ing. Voter suppression, anti immigration, gerrymandering, propaganda masquerading as news, underfunded schools with conservative Christian mythology woven into overpriced public textbooks — none of the GOP cheating will be able to hold back the inevitable inheritance of the future by the enlightened majority.

Far better to come back to the democratic table of compromise.

Bob Wetzel Murphys

Marketing in low income areas

To the Editor:
When driving down the 108
into Jamestown and Sonora, there are a number of bill- boards. Mostly all of these are for casinos, McDonalds, and other types of vices. How do these companies know that our citizens are vulnerable to these types of products?

Large corporations utilize discounts, coupons, and addic- tion to take advantage of people in low-income areas. Our very own Tuolumne County, an area of low earning per capita, is one that has fallen victim to this epidemic. I am studying marketing at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. For a recent project I chose to focus on marketing in low profit areas. What I found is that many corporations are taking advantage of poverty.

One of the main corporations that exploits people is the to- bacco industry. The Truth Campaign found that 72 percent of smokers were from low-income areas. Big tobacco does this through advertisements in gas stations and smoke shops, bulk discounts, lowering prices, and utilizing the power of nicotine addiction.

From living in Tuolumne County since I was born, I know a large majority of the citizens smoke including people in my own family.

The fast food industry also uses similar methods, such as sending coupons out in the mail nearly every day.

I want my county to be a place where the citizens are aware of how large corporations are taking advantage of them each and every day. The first step to fighting this epidemic is through education. If the good people of Tuolumne County opened their eyes to the damage that big companies are doing to them, then it could be possible to reverse this damage.

It is not too late.

Isabella Herrin


Be careful what you wish for

To the Editor:

I will explain this one more time to those who are adamantly opposed to the Second Amendment.

Prior to the Revolutionary War, King George would station British soldiers in the homes of colonists without permission. Soldiers could confiscate anything they wanted. Colonists were re- quired to pay taxes to England and receive absolutely no representation. Ultimately the “Stamp Act” was the last straw because the King required Colonists to buy stamps and the money went directly to the King. The British Army controlled the Colonists... no free speech, no free press, no dissension of any kind with the King. Ultimately the Revolutionary War was fought and won by the Colonists.

Our founders proceeded to write a constitution making sure Colonists would be allowed freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, no persecution without due process......etc. We became a Republic and a country “of the people, for the people, and by the people.” The King could no longer seize property without due process, could not prosecute without due process, could not arrest and hang people without due process, etc.

The only thing that ensures government cannot take our rights away without due process is the “Second Amendment.” The constitution gives us the right to defend ourselves, our families, and our country against outside invaders or even an out of control government who might try to take these constitutional rights away.

The Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting... it is about protecting our rights as Americans...period. So think carefully each time someone wishes to limit or remove our rights under the Second Amend- ment. Once those rights are gone; they will never be restored. This is a dangerous path. Without our right of self-defense we have no rights!!

Pearl Bladek