Immigration solutions and American ideals

To the Editor:

There’s no denying that immigration from Central America has been surging. The question is why and what can be done about it. The Trump administration would have you believe that it’s to steal your jobs, to smuggle drugs, or perhaps to rape your daughters or wives. Obviously, that’s a lie (when has Trump ever lied to you? Maybe every day in the last two years). The conditions in their home countries would make anyone flee, or consider fleeing. Ask yourself what you would do.

So, what would be the most effective, humane thing to do about it? Armed guards at the border (U.S. or southern Mexico), crippling tariffs (parenthetically, paid for by Americans)? Maybe if a concerted effort was made to help these people to improve their home countries, they wouldn’t feel compelled to leave.

Considering how much the Lyin King wants to spend on his wall, the cost of military solutions, taxes on Americans (tariffs), I’m pretty sure it would be much cheaper and more effective. Not to mention, much more humane and (dare I say it) in accordance with American ideals.

Terril Spitze

Twain Harte

Tariffs hurt U.S. economy

To the Editor:

Tariffs are an effective short-term tactic to prevent dumping products below cost and to help distressed American industries get back on their feet.

Harley Davidson was an excellent example. President Reagan saved Harley by imposing tariffs on Japanese motorcycles. Harley used this protection to re-design and re-tool its bikes.

The tariffs bought Harley time. Harley invested and bought themselves results.

Across the board tariffs just start a trade war. No country will allow itself to lose a trade war. They will fight back. A world-wide trade war was a major contributor to the 1929 Great Depression.

Retaliatory tariffs from Europe are killing Harley. Trump has tweeted that these retaliatory tariffs are unfair and he will punch back with even more tariffs.

So begins a trade war that hurts everyone. The U.S. and the world economy are slowing. Harley is laying-off U.S. workers.

With China, Trump has put 25% tariffs on $200 billion of imports and plans 25% tariffs on the remaining $300 billion.

Tariffs are paid at the U.S. border by U.S. companies and passed along to U.S. consumers as higher prices. Tariffs are just another sales tax. Washers, dryers, shoes and cell phones will cost more.

The Chinese are retaliating by shunning U.S. farm products and by restricting essential minerals mined in China. Tariffs do not hurt China as much as Trump boasts.

Half our imports from China are not produced in China. They are assembled in China. They include cell phones, computers, shoes, and apparel. These low-pay jobs are not a big loss.

We need to create good jobs in the U.S. A trade war is wrong and will not work. We need to fix our infrastructure, invest in wind and solar, and directly create jobs. We need to increase our worker’s skills and enable good-paying jobs.

Marvin Keshner


Whose job is downtown cleanup?

To the Editor:

Today, as I parked my car in the parking lot behind my shop, I noticed a broken beer bottle and I picked up most of the dangerous pieces and threw them into the trash before I walked around my building to see what other surprises the night had left at my store.

I do this every morning so that my store looks clean and inviting, and in the case of the broken glass, safe. I then swept the leaves and dirt off the wooden walkway, door mats and street gutter. I then watered the flowers and hedges. While I already had the hose, I washed down the front of my building then dried the windows.

I looked back with great pride in my shop in Jamestown called The Wild Rose.

I picked up my newspaper as I went inside to make my first cup of coffee for a customer.

Lo and behold there on the front page was a picture of the Sonora merchants and volunteers doing what I had just done. Cleaning up their businesses.

Perhaps I work too hard; I did not know that cleaning up my own business was someone else’s job.

Rose Marie Gibbons