Calling all good men

To the Editor:

Did you see the Trump drive-by Cohenoscophy on all the news feeds today?

Did it make the Gang of Pinocchio’s noses grow?

Did being in Hanoi make Trump’s bone spurs give him a draft?

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country, not celebrate their dishonest opportunism nor their political party.

Lawrence Hall


The wisdom of the wall

To the Editor:

Trump is right. The wall is a crime fighter. It will save many lives if we build the wall and nobody can deny it.

Doug Gravelle


Isn’t it amazing?

To the Editor:

Isn’t it amazing; the scientific community can work together to explore space, etc. The Russians, the Chinese and the United States all get along in the Space Station, but our Great White Leader politicians, here on earth, are continually making war.

Just look at what they have done (and are doing) in the Middle East, Europe and Asia. It reminds me of what I have read in history books — almost continual war through recorded history. The history of the U.S. from its inception until the present time has been almost continual aggression against other countries and peoples beginning with the indigenous residents of this area.

It isn’t the Republicans or the Democrats, that are the main problem, it is most of the big politicians that want more power and wealth (including the resources of other countries). Just look at Central and South America; We have been supporting dictators in many countries down there, and have helped overthrow legitimate elected presidents. The SOA (School of the Americas) which is located at Fort Benning, Georgia, trains terrorists to do their dirty work down there.

And now, some of our politicians are talking of attacking Venezuela. Why?

Jerry Fueslein


Trash and bills pile up

To the Editor:

Are we being taken advantage of or duped by Waste Management, Inc? I fully understand that it can be unsafe for the trucks to go out when road conditions are hazardous, but while they are presumably sitting in a garage, we customers are still getting our bills. Today they arrived for the first time in three weeks. The same truck collected both trash and recycle making, one would assume, recycling impossible. Is recycle a myth?

This is Monday. Last Monday I received two emails telling me that trash and recycle would be picked up on “Saturday of this week.” Of course, that didn’t happen and all the neighborhood bins sat out in the street for three days.

My inquiry directly to Waste Management got me nothing more than a cookie-cutter response. Whoever in the county government negotiated a contract for trash collection should have oversight responsibility, and I would ask that they get some answers for the customers of this nationwide, and very profitable, corporation.

Dick Chimenti

Twain Harte