Constitutional Amendment XXV

To the Editor:

According to my copy of the Constitution, Amendment XXV provides for the vice president to assume the office of president if the latter is either removed or incapacitated. The vice president, as president, can then nominate a successor for the office of vice president, who then can take that office upon confirmation by the House and Senate by a majority vote.

Only by reasoning if both president and vice president are incapacitated or removed, can the Speaker of the House assume the office of President of the United States. Also, a recent eltter writer’s assertion of the 25th amendment being adopted in 1947 and revised in 2006 is incorrect as my copy of the Constitution shows an Article XXV ratification date of Feb. 10, 1967 and no change or amendment thereof.

Peter Jelito


No slack for Trump

To the Editor:

I read ‘Cut Trump some slack’ on Saturday. And again today. Despite the writer’s giggle-worthy forewarning that liberals should cover their children’s ears (as though that would protect them from the written word), I read it. I read it several times, actually, because I wanted to understand it and possibly find commonality with the writer.

I would love to cut Trump some slack. I would love to be relieved of my constant gnawing anxiety over our unfit president. I may be what the writer describes as ‘a liberal,’ but I too fear war on a nuclear scale, so we have that in common.

I concluded that the writer is understandably weary of our national political battlefield. I envision him as a patriotic, sensible person with a desire for peace. I share these sentiments. Unfortunately, I think he credits Trump with them, too, and this is where we disagree.

I believe Trump engages with authoritarian rulers because it’s a power game he has paid to play. He approaches every autocrat like an old Ivy League school chum, a member of the elite, a tennis opponent he will socialize with later. He has no fear of these people. He imagines a camaraderie with them, and believes this will enable him to make progress where other American presidents have failed due to their lack of membership status.

He doesn’t seem to understand: American presidents aren’t supposed to hobnob with autocrats bent on destroying democracy. But with his eye fixed alternately on the mirror and the TV camera, Trump cannot see where he is headed. These rulers - the Putins, the Kims - they are not playing games. They have deadly, world-altering intentions. And Trump is playing into their hands. They are the cats. He is the mouse. Jesus, take the wheel.

Rene Mayo


National emergency

To the Editor:

As the executive branch, under the Lyin King, seems to be unraveling, with unending scandals, rampant corruption, multiple resignations, feckless impulsive and, often, contradictory “policy” decisions, there is now increasing speculation about impeachment. Yet Democratic leadership doesn’t want to mention it for fear of riling up Mr. Trump’s base who, against all logic, continues to support him. This, despite his attacks on almost all of our basic rights including health (EPA gutted, health insurance made increasingly difficult to get), our environment (clean air and water acts thrown out, not to mention pulling out of the climate accord), and many of our basic principles and institutions such as freedom of the press and the FBI/CIA/Judiciary. Not to mention his obvious disdain for the truth and democracy (witness his open admiration for dictators and despots).

What will it take to depose this narcissistic, self-serving, corrupt, blatantly lying “President”? Talk about a “national emergency”! Clue: it’s not at the border.

Terril Spitze

Twain Harte