Cut Trump some slack

To the Editor:

Any liberals reading this letter should cover their children’s ears. I think we should cut Trump some slack. Well, not about everything, and really not about much. Overall he is very damaging to our country. But his instincts in three areas are spot on.

The first area is regarding Russia. Hello, they have lots of nuclear weapons. It only makes sense to work very hard to build good relations between them and us.

The second area, somewhat related to the first, is regarding North Korea. For the most part it is the governments of the two Koreas that are brokering peaceful relations between them. But Trump is being supportive, or perhaps better stated, not disruptive of them.

The third area is in regard to our military adventurism and occupation of countries around the world. Apparently he has questioned why we are in Afghanistan and other places. Why the body bags. Why the severed limbs. Let’s just declare victory and bring the troops home. And finally he has done it in Syria.

Quite understandably this talk and action has caused apoplexy among his military and political advisors. Their careers are built and supported by ongoing war. And not only his Republican Party, but the faux opposition Democratic Party opposes these initiatives as well.

And it is not that his motives are pure. In these areas as in most he is likely motivated by ego, reelection and financial gain (can’t build Trump Towers in Baghdad, Kabul and Pyongyang if there is animosity between us). But his instinct is right, and in these areas Trump stands alone, and I want to say that I stand with him.

Phil Nichols