Who’s irreplaceable?

To the Editor:

Like them or hate them, only three leaders around the globe stand out as lasting impact leaders.

First, understand that all three of them love their countries, would die for them and spend

most of their day thinking about decisions affecting their countries. All three are irreplaceable!

Who are they? Hassan Nasrallah (Lebanon), Bashar al-Assad (Syria) and Vladimir Putin (Russia).

Dennis Schneider

Angels Camp

Pelosi will not
be president

To the Editor:

I read with humor the letter, “Could Pelosi be president? It seems he is still suffering from “post traumatic Hillary loss.” I hate to burst his bubble but the next person in line for the presidency would be the vice president not speaker of the House.

As I recall it was the great orator, Nancy Pelosi, who said, “pass it first then read it” referring to the healthcare bill. That is like going to a used car salesman and asking him if you can test drive a car and he states “buy it first then you can test drive it.”

The letter writer goes on to state that Hillary Clinton was “robbed” of the presidency. First of all Hillary Clinton robbed herself. Even Bill Clinton told her what a terrible campaign she ran. She had no record to run on.

The Democrats could not put forth any accomplishments that she had achieved. For those of you who are still suffering from “post Hillary Syndrome” cheer up you have a new hero coming your way. Elizabeth Warren will be riding in on the white horse. Pelosi as president? God help us.

Edwin Evans


Steps to end homelessness

To the Editor:

Our Democrat has given us a very comprehensive scope on the problem of homelessness over the past year, and in the Wednesday, Jan. 2, edition, Frank Smart gave us a blueprint for solving it in his op-ed. I sincerely hope that he is wrong in his estimate of the time it will take to make improvements in the situation, but if we don’t get started it will never get done.

I say, let us make the assumption that a low-barrier campground type of facility with bathrooms, showers and trash services are the bare minimum of what is needed but this will work for some. For families with children, we need housing. I have seen some pretty impressive homes made from shipping containers — would this be a viable option? Could we get some funding for apartments? I remember living in an apartment type of community in Richmond when I was about 5 years old and my parents were working in the shipyards during World War II and am sure that they couldn’t have been too expensive to build as resources were in short supply. My point is, they were needed, so they were built.

Let us come together as a community and get this need taken care of now. If you have knowledge of forming a 501C, please step forward and offer your services. Step up if you are skilled in writing for grants. We need skill and cooperation in determining where these facilities will be located. We need realtors, we need builders. We need laborers. Enough talk — let us come together as a community with a vision and get behind the doers with whatever it takes to get it done!

Thanks, Frank Smart!

Myrna Doering


Politicized immigration policy

To the Editor:

I have yet to see anyone on the left or the right be honest about immigration. Behind the scenes neither Republicans nor Democrats wanted to fix our immigration policies. Call them illegal aliens or undocumented workers, businesses big and small, farmers and construction companies, restaurants and landscapers, all benefited by having workers they could pay less and easily control.

Republican lawmakers with their business partners simply looked the other way, Democrat lawmakers helped their business partners while pretending to be protecting working class Americans and labor unions. And so in their own underhanded interests both parties quietly agreed to do nothing to fix the problem.

This has been the state of things for decades. Today immigration has become so politicized no one is capable of truly looking for a solution. The only thing politicians and political pundits alike are searching for is a way to blame this mess on the other side. No wall is going to fix this.

Tom Strother