Could Pelosi be president?

To the Editor:

Is there a President Nancy Pelosi in America’s future?

It well could be if Congress gets its act together. The House is charged with bringing impeachment charges against the President, and the Senate is responsible for adjudicating, and

with a two-thirds vote - conviction.

Well, convicting “the poser” is a slam dunk, he makes Bernie Madoff look like an apprentice crook. And what we are finding out about the “potted plant,” tells us he, as well, will be found guilty of several felony conspiracy, cover up and other crimes. (assuming the Senate does

its job correctly)

According the Presidential Succession Act, which was adopted in 1947 (last revised

in 2006) the line of succession takes us right to the Speaker of the House.

So get ready America, we are on the verge of having our first woman as our president.

(Well, this honor belongs to Hillary Clinton, but we all now know she got robbed.)

As for the rest of the Trump Crime Family, it looks like only Baron and Melania are clean. (However, their emotional scars will last forever) Donald Jr., Eric and Ivanka will be brought up on various felonious charges — cop a plea and maybe get pardoned. (New York

criminals cannot be pardoned by the POTUS.)

I am not one to push for impeachment, however, it looks unavoidable as it is the Constitutional

responsibility of the House of Representatives. (Forget the 25th Amendment — too many Trump

hand puppets in his cabinet)

Don’t you want to watch them all be taken out of a courtroom with handcuffs on? We are at

least entitled to watch the perps walk.

2019 is going to be a rough year, but a year with the promise of sun shining once again on America.

Domenic Torchia