Double standard

To the Editor:

I have just returned from a Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors meeting where I witnessed the most complete double standard I have ever seen.

Supervisor Royce decried what he called “personal attacks,” supposedly on Larry Cope the TCEDA director, then instantly laid into a very personal attack on a citizen, Ken Perkins , whose only transgression was asking for data showing that the TCEDA had provided good value for the money we spend on it.

The TCEDA board illegally refused this request forcing Mr. Perkins to file a lawsuit to obtain it, in which he prevailed. At no time during this process did I hear or read Mr. Perkins personally attack anyone involved.

Surprisingly or perhaps unsurprisingly not one other Board member spoke up to say how inappropriate that was, in fact most said “I agree with most of what has been said,” some of them including Mr. Royce went on to accuse Sonora City Council members of bad faith regarding TCEDA.

I believe Mr. Royce is rightfully embarrassed by the County Board’s total lack of oversight of TCEDA and is lashing out at Mr. Perkins to cover this ineptitude. The grand jury investigation and the upcoming financial/management report will answer this question.

Should Mr. Royce want to experience a personal attack, actor Matt Damon can go on Youtube updating his Brett Kavanaugh impression with Mr. Royce’s vitriol.

David Morgan


Wake up, Congress

To the Editor:

During Trump’s presidential term we have experienced record low unemployment rates, big numbers of new jobs created, large stock market gains, regulation changes, fair trade negotiations and record numbers of immigrants trying to get a piece of our good economy.

If Congress would put forth an effort to come up with some laws that address the illegal immigration problems, that would be a Trump miracle. Why this won’t happen is one side of our government is negative to any Trump victory. The sins of illegals are coming home to roost and it’s not Trump’s fault.

It’s time for Congress to wake up or get voted out.

Roland Patton


Impeach Trump

To the Editor:

Impeachment is the House’s remedy to expose negligence, incompetence and criminality of presidents, it’s the Senate’s job to convict or acquit. Personally, I would add infidelity. I can think of little else that undermines and destroys the fundamental foundation of our families.

Some people think impeachment is called for when a president embarrasses the nation at the podium, praising the murdering thug standing next to him; or falls in love with a murdering despot that likes to torture Americans tourists to death; or finds common cause with an evil prince who cuts up journalists and stuffs them into shopping bags.

Others think impeachment is needed when a president’s minions meet with a foreign adversary hell bent on undermining our democracy just to help get elected; or conspire with a scandal sheet publisher to hide sexual deviancy from the electorate; or orchestrate a private meeting with diplomats inviting only Russian media, then ignorantly spews out secret intelligence.

I’ve heard talk that presidents should be impeached if they are chronic and compulsive liars; impose a constant barrage of scare tactics using fake statistics that cause widespread hatred of immigrants; or obstructs the efforts of law enforcement from doing their job of investigating suspected crime.

There is a faction of Americans that think a president should be impeached who promotes dirty air, resurrecting a coal industry that suffocates its workers underground and fuels the scourge of acid rain; or spits in the eye of our nations responsible climate change scientists, and eliminates protections of species we’ve decimated.

After my first few days in boot camp I learned respect is not given to inanimate objects like flags, songs, or positions of power. Respect is earned by people through thoughtful communications, righteous actions and deeds. The only thing our current president has earned is impeachment.

Jerry Snyder