Help the homeless

To the Editor:

Here’s a message for the Board of Supervisors and the City Council.

You are chilly, so you turn up your thermostat, the homeless can’t do that so they freeze.

You are hungry, so you eat a nice warm meal, the homeless can’t do that so they go hungry.

You feel like taking a nice warm bath or shower, the homeless can’t do that so they can’t get warm or clean.

You want to wear clean warm clothes, the homeless can’t do that, so they are cold and wear dirty clothes.

You want to sleep in a nice warm clean bed, the homeless can’t do that, so they sleep outdoors in cold freezing weather.

To date I have not heard or seen any sign of you taking any action to provide warming houses for our homeless. Many of our homeless are children, many are our veterans who sacrificed their health and limbs to provide for you and our comfort and safety.

The homeless are not going to go away and the more you ignore it the worse it is going to get. When a homeless person freezes to death it will be your doing. When the crime rate goes up, it will be your doing.

Many in this community are commenting about this very situation and are very upset about the lack of action on your part. We beg of you not to have a repeat of your lack of action last winter regarding this very serious situation. This community would hope and pray you have an immediate plan of action and we would appreciate being informed of what you plan to do.

Ruth Walter