Watch your speed

To The Editor:

To all parents and teachers at Sonora Elementary School, as a grandmother I myself follow the posted speed limit of 25 on Greenley Road. I drive 25 to keep children alive. Why don’t you? When the school turn lane becomes available, many of you floor it to get to the stop light to enter school grounds, passing those going 25 in the right lane. Is your hurry more important than a child’s life? Slow down. They are our future. What might the world miss out on if even one child suffers at your hands?

Janette Berringer


Shame on Democrats

To The Editor:

Those of you who are Democrats should be ashamed of your politicians. Their behavior at the hearing of Judge Kavanaugh was disgusting and an embarrassment. When you “drain a swamp” you never know what you are going to find at the bottom? It was no surprise that at the bottom of this political swamp there was a cesspool full of politicians.

Long before the hearing the Democrats had decided that they were not going to confirm Kavanaugh. The hearing was a farce. It was all a dirty game of politics as usual. We all remember the sexual exploitations Bill Clinton did while president for which he was impeached.

When it came to a vote to have him removed from office not one Democrat voted for his removal. When it is one of their own the Democrats do not have a problem with sexual misconduct.

There is no proof whatsoever that Kavanaugh did what he was accused of as a teenager. Let’s get this straight according to the Democrat’s logic. It is OK to keep a president in office in which it was proven he committed sexual improprieties. It is not OK to consider a candidate for a government position for something he allegedly did as a teenager.

What is more amazing Clinton’s shameful acts happened in the White House. The Democrats did not care. Clinton’s actions and the Democrats uncaring attitude resulted in the Democrat Party sinking into the abyss of shame.

In every confirmation hearing there is concern that Roe v. Wade is going to be overturned when a new judge is confirmed. For those who have that concern, have you not heard of contraceptives? There is no excuse for getting pregnant these days if you do not want a child.

Ed Evans


Vote the rascals out

To The Editor:

This November sets the stage for monumental decisions. Locally it includes maintaining a county of scenic wonder or releasing festering sprawl.

At stake is our future; as in – will our kids grow up and raise families among tree-lined pathways and nature, or killer roads and toxic box stores?

The proposed 2018 Tuolumne County General Plan falls in step with the current Board of Supervisors scorched earth trend which starts by eliminating local community planning commissions [2013], fills sparse planning commission/committee seats with seemingly lackadaisical citizens or leaves seats updated, and then cancels 80 percent of scheduled meetings in 2017/2018 for “lack of agenda items.”

This is lovingly known as streamlining the planning process, but is more aptly called bulldozing.

The proposed General Plan allows our unique historic and cultural communities to be lumped in with future ticky-tacky housing tracts and discount schlock corporations.

What’s lost is well planned housing for all levels of income, sensible transportation and nonlethal infrastructure. How many more pedestrians/bicyclists must be maimed and killed while we put rampant growth over public safety?

Perhaps our current Tuolumne County Grand Jury would investigate how well our taxpayers are represented in the planning process? (Disclosure: I served on the 2017-2018 TCGJ. My private letter to them sent early July this year remains unanswered.)

Shine a light in murky shadows, crunch the numbers on questionable assumptions like growth rates, value the intrinsic beauty of this area.

In the meantime - all residents of majority age: Vote the rascals out.

R.D. Haratani


Support for Morse

To The Editor:

We have grown up with gridlock. Gridlock is the norm. Our Congress is dominated by special interests and rich donors. Congress-people value the success of their party over the good of our country.

We are tired of the in-fighting. We want a government that listens to us, works for us, and gets things done — for us.

Let’s make drugs affordable again. Congress prevented Medicare from negotiating drug prices and allowed drug companies to become monopolies. A new Congress will reverse this.

Fire danger is extreme. People are on edge. No one wants to live in an area that’s not safe. For-profit logging isn’t the answer. Wildfires burn in brush, grass, and remote areas that cannot be profitably logged.

Let’s put our loggers back to work. Let’s thin our forests, cut fire breaks, and maintain them. Fire prevention pays for itself. It will save money on firefighting and fire insurance, protect our homes, and save our lives.

Let’s restore our watersheds and store water underground. Drought may be the new normal. Let’s refill our aquifers, replenish our dry wells, and save the 20% of our water that evaporates behind dams. LA has stored water underground for 100 years.

Let’s build our skills. Good-paying jobs are skilled jobs. Let’s support young kids and working moms with good pre-schools, and young adults with affordable college and trade schools.

Let’s invest in our future. These investments pay for themselves.

In 10 years, Tom McClintock has accomplished nothing, opposed everything, and helped to gridlock the Congress. McClintock is a career politician who serves outside interests, not us.

Jessica Morse represents a new generation. She has devoted her life to public service. She is focused on our district and our issues. She will get things done for us.

Vote for Jessica Morse.

Marvin Keshner


Vote Republican

To The Editor:

For voters in Tuolumne County there are, of course, two parties from which to choose. A vote for a Democrat is a vote for protesting by means of mob violence, presuming that an accused is guilty upon accusation, pro-antifa, open borders that encourage illegal immigrants to come into America and get free welfare, free food stamps, free healthcare, etc. at the expense of the hard working American citizens’ tax dollars. The Democratic Party is soft on ISIS, North Korea, China, Iran, and Russia.

They want to remove tax cuts and keep Obama Care, go back to GDP under 2 percent, which will slow our economy, remove ICE, promote sanctuary cities (harboring criminals). They are anti Israel, anti Second Amendment, weak on foreign policy, in favor of cutting back the military, pro socialism (research present day Venezuela and Hitler’s Germany).

They want to undo the great economy, which is developing under the current administration.

A vote for a Republican is a vote for; accused are presumed innocent until proven guilty, a great economy moving forward, continuing our lowest unemployment, (record numbers of Latino and African Americans employed), cutting welfare, more jobs coming back to our country from overseas, (we now have more job openings than employees), record high stock market, minimizing business regulations, and more money in taxpayer’s pockets. Tariffs on goods (making other nations pay their fair share), continued consumer confidence with a GDP over 4 percent and climbing, a strong military (peace through strength), pro Israel, pro Second Amendment, continued fight against ISIS and against socialism, and the denuclearization of North Korea, respecting/standing for our flag and our National Anthem, and making America great again. Last but not least, building the wall so that only immigrants who wish to become legal American citizens will be entering our country.

Gary E. Middleton

Twain Harte

Support for Hanvelt

To The Editor:

I’ve been around Tuolumne County most of my life and have been involved with natural resource issues ever since I retired. I have been involved in various groups and local government districts and advisory committees dealing with the natural resources of this county. In my work with these groups, I have gotten to work with, know and respect Supervisor Randy Hanvelt.

Randy is willing to listen to all sides of any issue and then participate in discussions to come to a consensus to get things done for all of the citizens of the county. I am sure he has a very different background from my fifth generation Tuolumne County background but he is willing to listen to me and others because he can see the value in moving forward and being proactive to improve our county.

With the Rim Fire devastation and closely followed by the tree mortality issues from the bark beetles, Randy has stepped up in his leadership to get both the state and the federal government involved in solving these important issues. He even went to Washington to testify so we can get funds on the ground and changes in policy. His aim is that history is not repeated and our county can be safer and an even better place to live.

Randy is a proven leader and good and caring human being representing the residents of Tuolumne County in the Second Supervisorial District. We need to re-elect Randy Hanvelt, not for his benefit but for ours. He truly cares about Tuolumne County.

Jim Phelan


Kavanaugh lies like Trump

To The Editor:

After witnessing the travesty of the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing, I can certainly understand why Trump nominated him for the Supreme Court. Trump has to respect a man who, like himself, has the audacity to stand before the American public and lie, unabashedly.

Trump’s lie count stands at 4,229 as of Aug. 1, according to the Washington Post fact checkers. Undoubtedly it has risen significantly since then.

Kurt Quigley


How to kill a democracy

To The Editor:

In a democracy like that of the United States, it’s not a simple matter to change that form of government to a one-man authoritarian rule. However, it can be done in a fairly short time. It just takes a dogged determination and a ruthless disregard for established standards of decency, ethics, human values and the welfare of all those who are not directly supportive of the change.

It is also essential that the one trying to make the change be expert at shaping the truth into whatever it needed at the moment, stirring up fear and anger among his supporters, and also be adept in the art of denigration.

In our country, the approach being taken is first to control all three branches of government, and state governorships if possible. This job has already been accomplished at the political party level.

However, in our case it is not the Republican party in control. In reality it is the Party of Trump, with has few similarities to what we used to call Republican.

It also helps to have control of the prevailing religion, Christianity. That is why Henry VIII simply made up his own religion by revising the Catholic to satisfy his own personal ambitions. At least Henry kept the Christian theme of love intact. Trump’s new religion will likely not do that, except when it comes to loving Trump.

So, what can those who still believe in democracy do? We can vote to change the majority party representation in both the House and Senate. This November may very well be our last chance to do so.

That won’t stop the headlong pursuit of authoritarian rule but it will slow it so that democracy will have a chance to prevail in 2020. Just vote.

Robert Rogers


The mob doesn’t work here

To the Editor:

Here we go again, letter writers on Oct. 6 say they know Kavanaugh was guilty. They know as much of the law as spelling Faux news, it’s Fox News. They sound like Whoopi and Behar on The View. Dr. Ford’s testimony said her best girlfriend Leland and four boys were present all denied knowing any such thing, facts.

When Kavanaugh was accused, the minute after the liberal Democrats, mostly lawyers, went into a frenzy saying he’s guilty. That’s why they’re politicians, they couldn’t make a living in the real world arguing cases in a real courtroom.

There’s a great phrase, innocent until proven guilty. One of the greatest lawyers, professors and scholars from Harvard Law, Alan Dershowitz, agrees how the outcome came to be. So if we ever have anything like the Salem Witch trials in the past I’ll surely see both of you there with your torches of fire for the accused. No trial no justice just your tunnel vision. Give me a break, take a pill and chill. The mob doesn’t work on this country and never will, period

Michael Wood


Support for McClintock

To the Editor

A recent letter to the editor asked the following nonsensical and misleading question.

“Ask yourself: Would you rather vote for a career politician who has done nothing for our district in 10 years? Or, would you rather choose Jessica Morse who has dedicated herself to listening to and working for the residents of District 4?”

What the question really wants to know is: Would you fire a proven, long-term, employee in favor of somebody who promises, just promises, that they can do better? I think not.

The claim that Congressman Tom McClintock has done nothing during his time in Congress is disingenuous on its face. McClintock is not only a very hard-working public servant he is highly principled. His conservative roots will not allow him to support legislation that is essentially sugar-coated garbage. To claim that he has done nothing is ridiculous. What his detractors are saying is that Tom has not done what they think he should do. They don’t think he should support the president’s agenda to reduce burdensome regulations and make our government more transparent. They don’t think he should have voted to reduce taxes. A bill that increased the average take-home pay for voters in his district by $1,900 per year. McClintock promises to support legislation to make those tax cuts permanent. Jessica Morse wants to repeal the tax cuts. Jessica Morse won’t support repeal of the gas tax, Prop. 6 on the ballot. Her supporters just want to turn all of California blue and further isolate rural areas that are predominantly conservative Republican.

Republicans and independents are urged to get out and vote. This election is far too important not to exercise one of our greatest rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Vote McClintock for Congress. Retain a proven leader.

David Wynne