Support for Kirk

To the Editor:

Anaiah Kirk represents a new generation of leaders in California. He will be be a fresh new source for solutions to Tuolumne County problems, not a puppet for politicos and bureaucrats tied to an agenda of government control flowing from Sacramento and beyond. Kirk wants to help the county survive and thrive despite national/state mandates unsuitable for rural counties.

Past decisions haunt the county today. Not surprisingly they will have impact for years to come. While it’s true Kirk is a young man, though wise beyond his years, that is the advantage he brings to the leadership table on those issues that should have been put to bed years ago. He listens, does his homework, and has no difficulty making decisions.

I have come to know Kirk more through his campaign. However, I did have the opportunity to meet with him before he decided to run for District 3 supervisor. And, he is the real deal and not in the race for selfish reasons. I have learned that he truly cares about the direction of the county. He is in the race to be of service to Tuolumne County voters not to secure a government job.

He is willing to look at the issues with a fresh perspective and an open mind. But on the issue of commercial marijuana cultivation, there is no compromise. His research and his law enforcement background show that crime is seriously linked to such marijuana grows and it is difficult to divorce the criminal element from this emerging industry. He will work to protect Tuolumne County from the significant dark side to marijuana cultivation.

Dennis Jamison

San Jose

Ire better directed to state leaders

To the Editor:

A letter on Oct. 11 took ICE to task for allowing a six-time deportee to enter this country illegally. The letter writer seemed outraged that ICE failed in its duty to keep illegals from crossing the border.

I’d like to suggest that if he has been following the newspapers in this state for the last two or three years he might have run across a story about some liberal Democrat lawmaker or another spouting off about turning cities, counties and the entire state into a sanctuary for illegals, actively preventing ICE and other law enforcement officers from doing their jobs.

If this writer feels the need to vent his outraged spleen, I suggest he begin with the current governor and work his way down. There are any number of pro-illegal immigrant politicians in this state to which he may focus his anger upon.

J. E. Kitchell


PG&E should read its own rules

To the Editor:

Recently, in response to new state-mandated requirements, PG&E has expanded their vegetation management program around their powerlines. This is evident here in the Mother Lode in the form of increased tree removals and trimming. Their work has been causing concern, heartache, frustration and outright anger on the part of property owners here in Tuolumne County.

Here are some quotes lifted directly from PG&E online and print materials.

In their downloadable brochure entitled “Working Together To Create Fire Defense Zones Around Powerlines” we find the following passage:

“We look forward to working with our customers in high fire threat areas to share information, answer questions, and agree on plans for any fire defense zone work. PG&E contract arborists will first conduct inspections... We will then meet with property owners to share the results and partner to develop a customized plan that helps ensure safety.”

And “The CPUC requires PG&E maintain at least a 4-foot clearance between vegetation and power lines in high fire-threat areas year-round…”

From the PG&E webpage headed “Learn About Our Vegetation and Safety Work…”:

“The new standards require a clearance of 4 feet around power lines in high fire threat areas with recommended minimum clearances of 12 feet or more at time of trim to ensure compliance year-round.”

Key phrases property owners and County officials should consider include “…working with our customers… answer questions…agree on plans…meet with property owners… develop a customized plan…”. Also not that, in their own words, 4 feet of clearance is required, 12 feet or more is “recommended”.

Neither PG&E, their contract inspectors nor the tree falling/trimming crews are following the specifics of PG&E’s own program. But instead are focused only on the “12 feet or more” element without any regard for the concerns of property owners.

Bruce Lodge


Support for Sylwester

To the Editor:

Laurie Sylwester worked hard and full-time when she was supervisor. Her opponent is keeping his full-time job. So voting for Laurie Sylwester will give you a full-time, experienced, hard-working Supervisor. Nuff-said. While you’re at it vote for Jessica Morse.

Charles Marangio


Support for Morse

To the Editor:

Trump’s policies are not working. Before Trump, the president of the United States was the leader of the free world. This had great practical value for national defense and trade, and the aspirations of the United States toward freedom and democracy were widely shared. Now, the loss of trust and prestige will leave America with fewer friends in times of trouble.

Republican tax cuts are further enriching the wealthy by putting us deeper into debt. Spikes in economic indicators sound good in speeches, but inflation will erode wage increases and tax revenues won’t be enough for important programs or for investments in infrastructure and education to really strengthen the economy.

“Eliminating burdensome regulations” has been the cover story for a relentless effort to benefit big donors by plundering the environment and eliminating worker and consumer protections. This administration has abandoned science and common sense to follow the dictates of greed and a lust for power. The quality of life in the future is being sacrificed for bigger profits now. No one is safe, nothing is sacred. It’s a swindle. Our grandchildren will pay the price.

Xenophobia and racism are part of Trump’s ongoing reelection campaign. It works for him, but it doesn’t make things better for anyone else. Honesty is the best policy, but that is not how Trump operates, and he has made the entire Republican party, including stands-with-Trump McClintock, complicit in his lies.

Let’s elect someone to Congress who would limit the damage being done by the Trump administration and take our country in a more compassionate and pragmatic direction. “We the People” deserve a representative who will “promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty.” Please participate in this crucial election by voting for Jessica Morse.

John Watson