Support for Morse

To the Editor:

We have crumbling roads, we have a shortage of housing, not enough living wage jobs, forestry management problems, high fire danger threatening us all the time and many other issues. The folks who have been managing our county at the local, state and federal level don’t seem to have fixed any of those issues. For me it is time for ‘out with the old and in with the new’. That’s why I will be voting for Jessica Morse for Congress and no on Prop 6.

If you attended the Board of Supervisors meeting you would have heard how critical ‘No on Prop 6’ is to finally fixing our roads. No the state and county cannot get money from elsewhere.

What has our current congressional leader done for us? Has he brought in new jobs? Has he prevented devastating fires with new ideas and solutions? No, he has not. He rarely even shows his face around our county unless he is campaigning for office and looking for campaign cash.

We need new ideas, fresh voices and realistic solutions to our problems. Jessica Morse, not only has new ideas but she also has a proven track record to show that she can get positive, workable solutions into action.

Good bye to stale old ideas that don’t work. Hello to fresh ideas that are realistic.

Debi Baron

Twain Harte

Support for Sylwester

To the Editor:

Attention voters in Supervisor District 3 (Tuolumne, Twain Harte, Mi-Wuk Village and up the hill): please think about your vote on Nov. 6. We have an experienced candidate running, Laurie Sylwester. She has held the office for one term, 1999-2003. Her opponent lacks experience.

Her opponent is supported by two sitting supervisors, Randy Hanvelt and Karl Rodifer. Mr. Rodifer donated $3,500 to Laurie’s opponent. Why is that? That’s a lot of money. Some of Mr. Hanvelt’s corporate donors are also donating to Laurie’s opponent. What is the connection?

Experienced supervisors know the position requires a full-time commitment, at least 40 hours a week, to do the job right. Laurie Sylwester has retired from a long career in teaching, from the elementary level to the community college level, and plans to devote herself full-time to the job.

Her opponent plans to keep his full-time position at Sierra Conservation Center. He claims he can do both. That seems doubtful and perhaps uninformed. Evan Royce who worked full-time while in office as District 3 supervisor has said it is impossible to work full-time and be an adequate supervisor.

Laurie Sylwester supports local businesses not just in District 3, but throughout the county. Supervisors make decisions that affect the entire county. Laurie understands tourism is our biggest industry along with health care. Her opponent supports reduced regulation, which leads to strip malls and big box stores. We need to protect the historic charm of our towns and the beauty of our mountains, both of which draw visitors.

I encourage everyone to register to vote in this most important election. There is still time. Those in District 3, consider voting for the candidate with experience, Laurie Sylwester. She is available so contact her with any questions — Facebook or

Pat Cervelli


Free speech

To the Editor:

God bless America and God bless the letter writers. Long live the First Amendment.

Gary Linehan


Support for Morse

To the Editor:

We are so lucky to have a young, dynamic person running for Congress in District 4. This is a welcome change from the “same old, same old” type of representative who has done nothing for our area and especially Tuolumne County for too many years.

Let’s take advantage of Jessica Morse’s knowledge and experience of working with government during her time accompanying our troops in the Middle East and with officials in Washington.

She is a local young person who will represent us in Congress and fight for our issues because she really understands and supports them wholeheartedly. So remember a Vote for Jessica Morse is a vote for the future of our county.

Janet Maffei


Keeping the Faith

To the Editor:

It’s hard to remain optimistic. Forty percent of voters loyal to Trump, Republican lawmakers fearing the Trumpian base enough to violate traditional Republican, McCain era values. As a liberal Democrat, I respected those Republicans, many as friends, even when I disagreed with their views

The Trump Cavanaugh appointment will reshape the Supreme Court. With “Citizens United” upheld, corporate interests can supersede, for decades to come, the rights of women, minorities, working people and the environment; this as global warming exacerbates all problems, worldwide.

The effects of poor worker treatment since the financial industry caused 2008 worldwide recession already fomented ultra-nationalist tendencies in Europe and America. Neo-fascist regimes now infest Poland and Hungary. Justified discontent is artfully misdirected. Everywhere, would-be despots exploit tribalism and religion; create necessary enemies, in Turkey, the U.S., now even in Australia. The repeated story, but apparently one not taught in American schools.

Trump’s two Americas reflect in letters to the editor, the right frequently invoking their version of God. And recently, “It is time to begin protecting the human environment rather than questionable species of animals.” What a false choice. Why not logging that benefits both forest and environment? Humanity’s future depends on solving problems rationally.

America has been a beacon. No country’s history is perfect, and Americans must never forget shameful aspects of the past, Indian genocide, slavery, McCarthyism and sometimes misguided wars. But I, and much of the world, believed America represented democratic values and furthered international institutions. I witnessed American troops leaving England for the Normandy Invasion. To me, and many others, we owed the survival of Western civilization to U.S. intervention, in two world wars.

Faith. This too shall pass. A future Congress, with wiser, more positive and less self-serving members, will do their job; protect people and the planet, leading us forward.

Paolo Maffei


Support for Morse

To the Editor:

I recently read an Op Ed piece in USA Today by President Trump in which he claimed that he and the Republican Party would protect Social Security and Medicare. I thought that was an odd statement since Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has said that he would propose cuts to both programs in order to pay for the recent tax cuts.

I went to our Representative Tom McClintock’s website to see his views on the subject.

I searched for a link for his views on Social Security and Medicare and could find nothing. I called his Sacramento office and asked for links to his views. The person answering the phone said there was information on the website and then they could also find nothing on his website.

I then went to Jessica Morse’s website: morse4congress,com. She had a whole page on older

Americans and her views on how to protect and strengthen Social Security and Medicare. You can check them out yourself. To me the choice as to who will protect and strengthen Social Security and Medicare is clear and Jessica Morse will be getting my vote because I depend on both programs to keep me out of poverty and keep a roof over my head.

If you believe that President Trump, Representative McClintock and the Republican Party will be the protectors of both programs, then please carefully do your research before you vote.

Patrick McGinnis


Support for Morse

To the Editor:

We have an opportunity to elect a real public servant to represent our interests in Congress, Jessica Morse. She’s young, energetic, knows this district, knows what we need, and isn’t afraid to reach across the aisle to solve big problems. Tom McClintock votes with his party 97 percent of the time, often against the interests of a majority of his constituents.

Case in point, Tom McClintock voted to remove health care coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. Jessica believes everyone should be able to opt into Medicare, making Medicare stronger and more viable in the long term, and will protect people with pre-existing conditions. She will also vote to reverse a law passed by Congress in 2005 and allow Medicare to negotiate lower prices for prescription drugs.

Tom doesn’t believe in climate change, defying scientific evidence that it’s here and may soon be irreversible. Jessica believes in protecting our environment by investing in green energy jobs to help reduce carbon emissions and provide innovative employment for our foothill communities.

Ask yourself: Would you rather vote for a career politician who has done nothing for our district in 10 years? Or, would you rather choose Jessica Morse who has dedicated herself to listening to and working for the residents of District 4?

This election is the most important to our nation’s future in the past 150 years. We need all hands on deck. Please vote on Nov. 6, or you may regret not doing so for a very long time.

Sue Salnick


Support for Hanvelt

To the Editor:

As a long-time supervisor representing rural and foothill communities in the Sierra Nevada I feel compelled to reach out and share my experience with, respect for, and ultimately my endorsement for Supervisor Randy Hanvelt.

Throughout the years I have served on many boards, committees, and pursued community efforts in partnership with Randy and have had the opportunity to experience firsthand his dedication and tenacity for the communities he serves. His can-do attitude sprinkled with common-sense solutions is what our communities need now more than ever.

We are likely to see a number of changes in the upcoming year at the state level and having representation from a respected and informed leader will be imperative. Making difficult decisions is what we are asked to do many times a day and this takes time and practice to do right. Randy has an impressive track record to take on this role yet again during these times of transition.

Randy has continued to impress me over the last few years as he has taken a natural leadership role in and on the Governor’s Tree Mortality Task Force. He has been instrumental in building and keeping momentum around tree mortality, public safety, and forest health issues at a local, state, and federal levels.

The perspective and perseverance that Randy has personally brought to the table has directly benefited the residents and forests of Tuolumne County. There is much work ahead and Randy brings with him the relationships, respect, and experience necessary to continue to push for solutions and opportunities on these critical issues.

Tom Wheeler

North Fork

Questions for McClintock

To the Editor:

Before voting consider McClintock’s record posed by these questions.

Served in California Assembly for 14 years, California Senate for eight years and in U.S. House of Representatives for 10 years for a total of 32 years in politics. Would you say you are a career politician?

After the horrific Rim Fire of 2013 wherein Tuolumne and Mariposa Counties suffered their greatest loss in tourist dollars from the closure of Yosemite National Park during the fire you then compounded this financial devastation by voting to shut down the federal government which again closed Yosemite. Why?

How does it feel to have lifetime medical care funded through taxpayer funds and you voted time and again to defund the ACA?

How or what have you done to improve the local economies of your rural constituents? What about releasing federal infrastructure funds for repairing deteriorating roads?

How have you helped to bring broadband to your district’s poor rural counties of Amador, Alpine, Calaveras, Tuolumne, Mariposa and Madera?

How have you helped to expedite or sought to release federal funds to your district’s financially strapped rural counties of Calaveras, Tuolumne, Mariposa and Madera to combat the removal of bark beetle blighted trees?

What noteworthy legislation have you introduced that enhances the everyday life of your every-person constituent? Not your top contributors Akt Investments, Crown Associates Realty, Northwest Excavating, Pisces Inc., Koch Industries, NRA, Technical Maintenance Support, Inc. and International Wood Products Association?

Why did you vote against HR 5797 — IMD CARE Act (provide Medicaid services for certain individuals with opioid use disorders in institutions for mental disease) a Republican sponsored bill?

Why did you vote against HR 6 a Republican sponsored bill? The bill appropriates funds and establishes guidelines to address the opioid crisis.

SC Whitney