Support for Kirk

To The Editor:

Where do we want to see Tuolumne County in 10 to 20 years? Before voting in the upcoming election, we need to make sure we ask ourselves this question.

I am an RN and health coach entrepreneur, wife and mother, born and raised in Tuolumne County. As a county we’ve veered off course. In the past decade, critical decisions have been made without much thought about the unintended consequences, which have been largely negative.

In that 10 years, our demographics have changed for the worse, our crime rate has increased, our forests have been mismanaged leading to devastating fires and sky rocketing insurance premiums, and small businesses have struggled. We’re experiencing negative growth and we’ve lost our safe small-town feel.

My family — several members in the military and law enforcement — is dedicated to making the world a safer/better place. We’re so thankful that one supervisorial candidate has taken a firm stance against commercial marijuana cultivation. There is no question that commercial cultivation (unrelated to personal medical use) will increase crime like it has in Colorado and neighboring Calaveras County.

We’re not into politics, but my husband and I recognize that we can either move to another state escaping the madness, or we can be a part of the solution. We couldn’t be happier to see Anaiah Kirk step up. We know Anaiah is only one person but he looks forward to working with the new board to change course for the better. His young voice is refreshing and deeply needed if we are going to save our community and preserve it for future generations. If you’re looking for someone who is educated, a leader, is dedicated to seeing Tuolumne County prosper, takes a stand against crime, and is not your typical politician, Anaiah Kirk is your guy.

Jessica Aubrey-LaNier


Support for Stopper

To The Editor:

I worked on the Kearney recall team. The success of the recall did not fall to just one person. It was a team effort. I don’t regret working on the recall because it was our only recourse to stopping the asphalt plant.

During our team meetings the question came up; if the recall was successful, shouldn’t we have a candidate to replace Kearney? Clapp and some others said no, “we didn’t want to look partial to a specific candidate.” I thought, what candidate?

When I found out Clapp was running, I had to wonder if he intended to run all along. I felt betrayed and I know many of the other people on the recall team felt the same way. Maybe there were others that were privy to him running. Most of us were not. Clapp was also behind two other failed recalls. It is for this reason I began to question Clapp’s honesty and lack of transparency to the team and the public. Therefore, he did not win my vote in the recall election, nor will he win my vote on Nov. 6.

I first met Ben Stopper while working on Bruce Giudici’s Campaign. He took the time to speak to me on more than one occasion, even though he knew he didn’t have my vote. These conversations were respectful, open and honest. Since then, I have taken the time to get to know Ben and what he wants for District 5 and Calaveras County.

We deserve a supervisor who will work with others, has integrity, is honest and treats people with respect. One who cares about our community and is prepared, studies the issues in order to make good informed decisions and listens to the citizens. Ben Stopper will do this job, and he will do it well.

Roberta Morris Corso

Valley Springs

Support for Hanvelt

To The Editor:

Ryan Campbell has shown himself to be earnest and personable. He is a good family man. We are fortunate that we have two candidates that possess these attributes.

Campbell has run a hard, competitive campaign. He’s just running against Randy Hanvelt who works every bit as hard, and already knows what needs to be done.

Campbell has based much of his platform on his accomplishments, primarily his work on the tree mortality issue. This is essentially what he was hired for, to implement the funds that Randy Hanvelt had wrestled out of Sacramento. It is well known that Supervisor Hanvelt laid the groundwork for much of our recovery from the recent fires by making countless trips to the Capitol to get the representation we were lacking.

Campbell’s other focus, are roads. During one debate, the question was how to bring more jobs to our area. Hanvelt said that to attract new business, we need to have more housing for those employees. Campbell opined that better roads would attract new business, and then we could worry about housing. He doesn’t say how we are going to pay for better roads. This is backward thinking. For example, the fact that the hospital has failed to hire any number of doctors and nurses over the last several years was not because of the roads, but a lack of available housing.

Randy Hanvelt is focused on fast tracking building permits for new taxpayers that will improve our local economy, which will provide funds to fix our roads. Randy’s time as supervisor and his extensive business experience has given him the ability to get things done more efficiently than someone new to the job. Wherever Randy goes he takes Tuolumne County with him. It’s what he does, it’s who he is. Reelect Randy Hanvelt.

Guy Emery


Shame on ICE

To The Editor:

From the Union Democrat 9/27/18: “Man who was deported six times charged in homeless killings”

Something is wrong in America where a man from El Salvador with a “long criminal record in the U.S.” enters our border not once, but six times.

Then, what? He’s deported, no jail time, and then he is allowed to cross our border illegally another five times until finally he is stopped and jailed for killing homeless people. Thank goodness murder is something you can be jailed for.

Is ICE just a haven for the brain dead? Whoever allowed this should be fired along with all the horses he rode in on. Dear Mr. ICE: “Surely you have a way, please tell me you have a way to put this man in jail for at least a year after the second time?”

This story disgusts me and sickens me. Somebody, please, explain how something like this can happen in America? Is there any country on the face of the planet that would or could allow something like this to happen? No. Only in America. Shame on you ICE and shame on you the American government.

J. Finley Kretchman


Santa’s Workshop

To The Editor:

As I am not a resident of Sonora, although I visit family there frequently, I can only provide a third party viewpoint with regards to the location of Santa Claus.

Courthouse Square is the center of town as is the Red Church and the heartbeat of the community. It is a rally place for most of the events within the community. It is the only place that still has the remnants of full mature tree of yesteryears.

The character of the town has transformed yet tries to hang onto its history and place of community. When the park was refreshed some of that history was ignored in the design. It did not provide inclusion of the people of the town but a controlled environment and use.

The plaza’s center should have had an elevated platform for outdoor events such as the location of Santa’s Workshop as well as musical venues etc. Santa should be front and center and visible for all to see.

The pathways and area could have been more welcoming. Artificial grass could have been considered. Short term decisions outweighed the long term advantages.

The synergy of this central place could carry onto the streetscape corridor. More landscaping and places to sit along the street providing shade and softness. Return the heritage and glory of Sonora. Reflect on why you love to live there. The bones are there to restore to its glory.

John Leloudis

Orlando, Florida

Innocent until proven guilty

To The Editor:

Why is it wrong to defend yourself? Kavanaugh did exactly what he has the right to do. Fight back with everything available including his justified anger towards the people using false claims against him for political reasons.

A recent letter in the UD said he is not fit because he was too angry about being falsely accused of heinous crimes. Considering the circumstances, he managed his behavior very well. Why did Feinstein hold unto this damning letter instead of questioning him in the private and public meetings/hearings? The procedure when receiving this type of information is to give it to the entire Judiciary Committee to investigate and where necessary use the FBI. Her actions are either obstruction of justice and/or ethical misconduct. Perhaps both should be investigated by the FBI.

In the USA, we have these things called due process, the presumption of innocents, preponderance of evidence, and beyond a reasonable doubt. Not one was applied to the Kavanaugh allegations. Feinstein knew these allegations would not stand the legal test. She used them in the court of unfettered public opinion which has no legal standards to character assassinate Kavanaugh.

People are upset because Kavanaugh allegedly over reacted in defending his reputation, life, and family. We should be more worried about the sly, sinister, sneaky, cutthroat way in which Feinstein and her cronies further abused Dr. Ford’s right to privacy and slandered Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh has apologized for something that needed no apology.

None of the Democrat Senate Judiciary members have stepped forward with a deserved apology to Ford and Kavanaugh. The Democrat “standard of law” for their political opponents. 1. Guilty without corroboration. 2. If you get upset or become uncharacteristically angry it proves you are guilty and unfit to have a job. Gentlemen be cautious.

Thomas Neiderer


Support for Hanvelt

To The Editor:

In this day and age w here every state and every county is competing for federal and state dollars, having access to the people who hold those purse strings is huge. This is not access that is granted on an automatic basis but rather earned through years of networking and relationship building.

Randy Hanvelt has earned that accessibility. In fact, Randy, if re-elected, will be the new president of RCRC (Rural Counties Representatives of California) in 2019. Randy was requested to and has testified before the California State Legislature and before the Federal Lands Subcommittee under the Congressional Natural Resource Committee in Washington, D.C.

Through his leadership, Tuolumne County lead the way in securing millions of dollars in relief funding from both state and federal government all the while proudly representing Tuolumne County. This is no time to risk this relationship that has taken years to develop.

Re-elect Randy Hanvelt Supervisor District 2.

Terry Northcutt

Twain Harte

Just doing the math

To The Editor:

With regard to the Oct. 6 article about the first medical pot dispensary, Mr. Muzio is to pay “a monthly fee to the city of no less than $10,000, or 5 percent of gross receipts from its operations.” So $10,000 means the minimal monthly projection equals gross receipts of $200,000 or $2.4 million annually — that’s minimal projection of gross receipts.

This ‘discreet’ medicinal dispensary is planned to be located on the narrow shoulder of Mono Way with very limited parking. Where is the handicap parking going to be for the medical patients? A customer base generating $2 million minimum annually will add a greater traffic challenge pulling out onto Mono Way or backing out.

The Tuolumne County supervisors will be discussing commercial pot enterprises in 2019. Why the arrogant comment from Mr. Muzio about “cultural pushback?” The pot culture is being romanced by Sonora City and Tuolumne County supervisors. I hope the non-pot community will remain a “better place to raise a family,” which Mr. Muzio gave as his reason for moving up here.

Judy Olson


Vote Yes on 6 — Repeal an unfair, regressive tax

To the Editor:

Estimates suggest the new increase in gas tax will cost a typical family of four $779.20 or more per family, per year.

On Nov. 1, 2017, Californians became subject to an additional tax of 12.5 cents more per gallon of gasoline (and 20 cents more for diesel), also increasing auto registration fees as much as $175 a year — striking the wallets of hard-working families across the state.

The gas tax hike will not fix our roads — because politicians will continue to fraudulently raid and divert gas tax funds. This latest gas tax increase contains no guarantee that even a penny will go to roads.

Prop 69 did not end the raids of existing gas tax funds and allows the governor to spend gas tax money to fund budget shortfalls.

State Sen. John Moorlach — a CPA — released a stunning report showing that only 20 percent of existing gas tax goes to roads and Caltrans wastes half a billion dollars annually on extra staffing.

A 2016 study by the Reason Foundation shows that California spends 2.5 times the national average on roads.

• Nobody is denying that California’s roads are crumbling, but there’s plenty of money to repair the roads if the politicians put 100 percent of the existing gas tax revenue into doing the right thing.

But that’s not all, our present state budget surplus provides plenty of money to fix our roads.

Please vote Yes on Prop 6.

Al Segalla


More coverage needed

To The Editor:

Last night the two prospective District 3 supervisors headed off in their last debate before the November elections at Tuolumne Veteran’s Memorial Hall. However, there was no representative from The Union Democrat there to cover the event.

Anaiah Kirk and Laurie Sylwester gave it their all with a spirited debate, expressing their values, ethics, and drive. Perhaps the Democrat thinks both parties’ stances have been adequately addressed in previous articles. But as Sylwester expressed during the debate, political engagement is low throughout the country.

I would personally like to see the Union Democrat take a larger role in creating community engagement in local politics by covering local politics.

Erica Taylor

Cold Springs