A letter to Jessica

To the Editor:

Dear Jessica Morse, the enclosed check is not a donation to your campaign. Rather, it is an investment in the future of our country. I see you as a public servant motivated not by self interest but by the best interests of your country and fellow citizens.

I cannot help but see parallels between you and our recently fallen hero and patriot, John McCain. Although I did not agree with John on many issues I admired his genuineness and his reach across the aisle for both friendship and solutions.

You did not hesitate to pursue an innovative career in dangerous overseas areas. You have shown no snobbery and gone out of your way to greet and hug constituents and answer their questions. You bring new solutions to local issues like our wildfire hazards, struggling economy and worry about health care.

And you have gained the experience and maturity to help maintain our national security and promote American ideals and world leadership. I urge you to be productive with legislation and like John, forget party line when it conflicts with your conscience.

Unfortunately, our investment of nearly $3 million in Tom McClintock over the past 10 years did not produce a very good return. Tom only voted party line whether good or bad and passed only three pieces of legislation, one involving a land transfer and two the renaming of post offices. You can do better than that, Jessica Morse. Time for a new generation to lead the way.

Ed Fernandez


Bravo to SRT

To the Editor:

If you are in need of belly laughs, and who isn’t these days, be sure to see SRT’s production of “Baskerville” at the Fallon House Theatre, closing on Sept. 30.

Dennis Jones has outdone himself with the set design and direction of an outstanding cast. You will be amazed by all of the set and costume changes and the ability of the cast to change personalities with lightning speed.

Roy and Pat Gray