A tale of a public servant

To the Editor:

Your Saturday edition carried an editorial letter “ A Tale Of Two Politicians.” That writer lives in a fantasy world of the last century. We rural folks are no longer ranchers, miners, and loggers. Our biggest employer is the state prison system followed by Adventist Health and miscellaneous stores and services. Our largest age segment is retired. We are basically wage earners or pensioners struggling to make ends meet in an economy favoring large corporations.

What we lack is infrastructure such as high speed broadband that might bring better jobs. Tom McClintock has had his chance in Congress and done nothing for the good of his district. He is basically a carpetbagger who does not live in the district and has only introduced 3 bills of minor importance (one was changing the name of a post office).

McClintock, a career politician from a wealthy Westchester NY family voting for every bill that favors big business. He is not one of us. Jessica Morse has never been a politician. She worked for the State Department mostly overseas including wartime support of our troops in Iraq.

She has detailed extensive plans how she will address the many concerns important to us. She is one of us rural folks. She is fifth generation one of us and her family still run a cattle ranch. Whereas McClintock avoids the public preferring robo calls, Jessica is readily accessible and has overwhelmingly surpassed McClintock in appearing at forums and town hall meetings.

So let us rural hard working folks say enough of the city slicker carpetbagger and vote for a young energetic knowledgeable candidate who has our best interests at heart. Let’s vote for a public servant not a politician. Vote for Jessica Morse.

Ed Fernandez


Seek the truth

To the Editor:

Proof continues to pour in that the GOP is evolving into the cult of Donald Trump. The more debauched Trump becomes the stronger his followers become. History will have to explain what caused this loss of reason and inability to see through his dishonest, irrational and erratic behavior.

The president’s repugnant behavior of frequent lying without conscience, his unbelievable affronts to our allies, his unwillingness to learn and benefit from history, lack of morality and inability to understand the most basic concept of doing what is right is beyond explanation.

It is refreshing to see the Republican Party’s cowardice out in the open acknowledged by its own members. Their pretense that they are upholding their oaths of office and the concerns of their constituents is unbelievable.

Most Republicans are not willing the risk to challenge the president. In that respect, they are every bit as unprincipled as the president. The party used to believe in family values, fiscal conservatism, free trade, and strong international leadership. Now the principles of the president’s followers are whatever he tweets.

Republicans, driven by short-term political self interests and their desire to insulate the president from whatever Mueller finds, have refused to come to terms with what the Russian scandal is all about. How will history describe Trump and his enablers?

We have seen the Constitution and the Bill of Rights not only trampled on but soiled in the stink of criminal activities facilitated by the Trump administration. There may be many reasons that Trump supporters have missed many of his mis-achievements. They may not read newspapers or other print media, getting their news only from the Republican Television Network (Fox News). Information is available in many places, and responsible citizens (and letter writers) should be well-informed seekers of the truth.

Bob Winters

Twain Harte