Who’s lying?

To the Editor:

I will take Denise Bergamaschi’s word for it, that Obama told 35 or 37 falsehoods over the eight years in office. The same exact source quoted (The Washington Post) reports that Trump has made 4,229 false or misleading claims in 558 days in office. That equals 7.5 lies per day. Five days of Trump lies equals eight years of Obama questionable statements.

Donald Trump said, on July 31, that you need a picture ID when you shop for groceries, I hope she has one to justify that false claim. Here we can truly see obstruction of justice for the American people.

Gil Farkas


A tale of two politicians

To the Editor:

It’s generally understood that people who live near the coast lines prefer more government control of their lives; they expect trash in cans to disappear and meat to be packed in pretty Styrofoam and cellophane. The disconnect from the working parts that make this happen is often far removed from a city dwellers mind. Rural people however, such as cattle ranchers, loggers and miners have a keen understanding of the personal responsibility it takes to plan and make this stuff happen; personal responsibility, by the way, a key component to our system of government, a Free Republic.

Hence the difference in political camps, one wants more government to take care of their stuff and one wants less govt. interference. Rural hard-working folks continually vote for the man that removes obstacles, Tom McClintock. Challengers come during election time, good, but one would hope by a younger version of the same, one who clears obstacles. However, that’s not the case with Jessica Morse, a career govt employee. She’s a better candidate for city dwellers, where rules and regulations loom large. However, for us rural folks that get things done, it’s a poor, fit.

McClintock says, “Let the populace be well informed, bring on the debates,” but Jessica Morse declines. Perhaps, because she realizes that, although she “loves the mountains,” that’s not enough. Rural people must have a person in office who understands the economic engines that power wealth as Adam Smith did, Von Meise, Hayek and Friedman. To simply say I am running because I grew up here and had a couple of important government jobs is not enough to stake a family’s future livelihood on.

The well-informed populace will re-elect Congressman McClintock every time because he understands what it takes to empower our communities.

Richard Todd