Some post primary comments

To the Editor:

Having been involved in Calaveras County government for many years, I am constantly impressed with how much the people in District 3 care about our community.

The 278 men and women who publicly endorsed my campaign represent a cross section of people who make this district the wonderful place that it is. The Democrats, Republicans, and Independents who supported me are more concerned with achievements than party labels.

As we move into the next phase of the election, I look forward to a serious discussion of the issues that matter to people. I am proud of the campaign we waged in the primary. We were always positive. We did not stoop to dirty tactics. We did not pretend to be something that we were not. We will continue to play by these rules and hope others will do likewise.

Merita Callaway


TCEDA lawsuit

To the Editor:

It’s unfortunate that it takes a lawsuit to gain insight into the use of public funds. An annual TCEDA budget of $460,000 ($200,000 of which goes to the Executive Director, Larry Cope) is big bucks for our impoverished county.

Cope provided a report claiming involvement with $393 million in investments and creation of 2080 jobs. District 2 Supervisor Hanvelt gives Cope credit for practically every new development in the county. This all may be true but needs to be proven.

June 14 charts provided by The Union Democrat indicate a significant decline in both population and the labor force during this time period. During my two decades in the county, with the exception of Adventist Health, I have observed the construction of a few new retail outlets and the usual vacancy and releasing of retail space.

With the exception of lumber mill activity there has been little true economic development that brings wealth into the county. What we have mostly seen are the retail and service industry pies either cut up into smaller pieces or redistributed.

Nationwide statistics show that many people can have good paying jobs and work from home. We have a great place to live but lack one key element, universal availability of high speed broadband at an affordable price. Prior to creation of the TCEDA our county supervisors passed up on the opportunity to create a backbone for high speed internet and continues to avoid the issue today.

Per state regulation we are past due for a general plan review and update. Before we can intelligently do so it seems to me we should have an economic development plan.

Instead of rejoicing over a hodge podge of new ventures we need to determine what best suits our county and update our general plan and infrastructure accordingly.

Ed Fernandez


Let’s have some honesty

To the Editor:

I read a letter to the editor the other day in which the person said we need to bring honesty back with the Democrats. I almost choked on my coffee. Shades of Hillary and Bill, there’s honesty for you. Donna Brazile feeding questions to Clinton during the campaign. I could go on but I don’t want to bore you.

Your state, my state. Have you looked at it lately? California is run by Democrats. Have you been to San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego lately? Homeless, needles strewn everywhere, feces, tents as far as the eye can see. These beautiful cities are run by Democrats. Protecting illegal criminals. Yes, we need some honesty. People are moving out because you can’t afford to live here.

Of course who wants to mention the honest, high ranking FBI? Please, some people have to break out of their cocoon, put some of California’s highest price gas, and take a ride through these cities, and see for yourself what the Democrats have done to our beautiful state.

We have the highest taxes, our schools are the worst in the nation. Please, we need the honest Democrats to take back the White House. Look around you. Honesty. Just a word people throw around. Look before you speak. I have.

Linda Meyer


Democracy dies in the dark

To the Editor:

In a recent letter to the editor, Ken Perkins hit the nail on the head. I have only lived here 12 years and have had many fruitful and competent interactions with county and city employees, but am very aware that the upper echelon of both county and city government appear to be inhabited by members of the “Old Boy/Girl network” who rally around to give one another pats on the back and salary raises and perks without much or any oversight, often shortly before they will retire so that their retirement income is inflated.

I think we the citizens should rise and “drain the swamp.” I commend Mr. Perkins for his advocacy of this issue and once I find him will be making my small contribution to his legal fees to enforce transparency in government. I encourage others to do the same.

As Federal Judge Damon Keith famously wrote “Democracy dies in the dark”.

David Morgan


Obama did the same as Trump

To the Editor:

More than 219,014 mothers in the USA are in jail because they broke the law. 58.000 mothers were separated permanently during the Vietnam war.

12 people sit in a jury box Monday-Friday taking children away from their mothers and fathers.

All of sudden people are in a uproar over mothers and children.

All this is nothing but another tool Chucky Schumer can use politically. I bet they doing the jig right now.

Don’t get me wrong. I am a father and love my kids very much.

Americans give to just about anything out there and that’s their choice.

I am as millions of people are very tired of paying for every bum on welfare and every migrant and migrant family.

I live on a very strict budget, and I like a lot of other seniors just can’t keep supporting everything out there.

This law has been since 2005 and as you can see Obama did the same thing in 2014 and no one said a thing.

Chuck Stoffel


Political mirage

To the Editor:

Recently an initiative to split California into three smaller states made it to the November ballot. Many Tuolumne County residents may have signed this petition after being tricked into believing it was part of the State of Jefferson. The professional signature gatherers who positioned themselves in front of Wal Mart and other public areas went so far as to hang out the Jefferson logo to entice people into signing support for the idea. The State of Jefferson has never been in support of this initiative. Let us clarify our position.

The three-way split proposed by billionaire Tim Draper is nothing more than a mirage. It looks like a good idea but for rural counties it changes nothing. Each of the proposed new States will have high population urban centers that will drown out the rural voice. We will remain as we are today. Weak and powerless with no say in how we are governed. Your support for this initiative means you want to see three liberal states instead of just one. It means you want to send three Nancy Pelosis, three Dianne Feinsteins and three Kamala Harrises to Washington. And you want a super majority Oligarchy ruling over your daily existence. If you think California is out of control, multiply that by three.

Don’t be mislead by this initiative. Please come attend our meetings and learn why you have lost your liberty and what our plan is to restore it. We meet the 4th Wednesday of every month at 6 p.m. at 2 S. Green Street in Sonora in the Board of Supervisors chambers. Our guest this month is Sheriff-Elect William Pooley. Come and learn and be welcomed into the 51st state.

David Titchenal


An idea for Wildcat Ranch

To the Editor:

Has the Board of Trustees for Sonora High School ever considered talking to UC Davis or Stanislaus State about creating Ag programs that both high school and college students could participate in jointly?

Think of what either of the colleges could academically bring to the SHS Ag program. Think of how the lives of the Ag students of SHS would be enriched with an enhanced curriculum and feeder programs for attendance at the colleges.

The Ag program would continue at Wildcat Ranch and the opportunities for the students would be untold. Another choice, the SHS Board and Columbia College Trustees could work, create and develop an Ag program for both schools.

The SHS Board has many other alternative choices to think about and pursue other than the foolhardy and rash land swap they are now considering.

S.C. Whitney