Two good choices

To the Editor:

The candidates’ debates have been lively this year. Anyone brave enough to run for public office deserves respect; the criticism and the clashes can’t be comfortable. The two candidates for supervisor who appear most at ease this year are incumbent Randy Hanvelt and the 3rd district’s Come Back Kid, Laurie Sylwester.

In my opinion, each has emerged as the best candidate in their respective race. Certainly, both have the benefit of knowing the rigors of the job better than the other candidates. I’ve had the good fortune to work with Randy closely on homelessness and affordable housing. I can tell you this: Randy listens. His campaign materials speak the truth, too. He does work harder than anyone on behalf of our county. It makes no sense to fault him for representing us in Sacramento and D.C.; he would not be doing his job if he didn’t.

Any candidate for supervisor who thinks the state or feds will keep promises to our little rural area is kidding her or himself. Laurie showed excellent judgment during her previous four years over Mountain Springs and other growth versus NIMBY issues. We’re lucky to have two clear choices. Alas, I can only vote for one of them.

Beetle Barbour


Cancio has served the community well

To the Editor:

Merv Cancio has served his community well for many years.

He has a solid handle on the concerns of District 3 in which he lives as well as Tuolumne County.

Merv has the knowledge, energy, and know-how to devote himself to representing the interests and needs of District 3 for the many hours that will be required of him.

As relative newcomers to our community we are virtually free of the biases that can often plague a campaign. Having heard the platforms of all four candidates with an open mindset we believe that Merv Cancio is the best choice and encourage others to vote for him in his bid to be elected to the position of District 3 Supervisor.

Dan and Sherry Blake

Sugar Pine

Titchenal will bring new ideas

To the Editor:

I would like to recommend Dave Titchenal for Supervisor in District 2. Dave promises to fix our problems with new ideas and a proven ability to make things happen. Dave has run a clean campaign by not making it personal. He is running on the facts so let’s review the facts.

Our fiscal status is once again in a bad situation. We are facing layoffs, cutbacks and furloughs. This did not happen overnight. This has been an ongoing situation that Randy Hanvelt has been a part of for over seven years.

School population is declining resulting in less funding. People are leaving Tuolumne County because of a lack of employment opportunities. There has been a lot of talk but so far no remedy; nothing new. Randy Hanvelt has had seven years to act and we are still no better off.

Taxpayer’s money was wasted on cost overruns on the new jail due to poor production management and errors resulting in the supervisors agreeing to pay the cost overrun and now there is talk about closing it down due to lack of inmates and operating funds. Randy Hanvelt was part of that.

Our county roads are in dire shape. This too did not happen overnight. Randy Hanvelt has had seven years to find ways to fix this and has failed to do so.

What Randy Hanvelt has done is award himself a 27 percent pay raise for everything he has failed to accomplish in seven years except to go to Sacramento and Washington, D.C., to beg for handouts. We are proud citizens and would rather find solutions for our own prosperity rather than depend on handouts from the government to just get by.

Come June 5, make a change. We need action not reaction. Vote for Dave Titchenal, Supervisor District 2

Barry Boricchio


Hanvelt is hopeless

To the Editor:

Hanvelt has been a supervisor for eight years. He says he has all the right contacts in Washington and in the state legislature. But our roads are falling apart, homelessness has increased, new jobs are sub-poverty jobs forcing our young families to move to find a living wage jobs. Hanvelt has contacts – just not the right ones.

Hanvelt has said people should get used to bad roads until the state gives us money to fix the roads, but then, he’s against the state gas tax to fix the roads so how is the state supposed to give us the money to fix the roads.

The county faces debts, again and why is that? He said during the candidate night that the $5 million county debt is no big deal; the county is always in debt. Why’s that? So the county will cut services for our drug program, mental health, counseling and housing – and you wonder why we have nearly 1,000 homeless. When supervisors handle budgets poorly the poor suffer. And it’s gotten worse during Hanvelt’s eight years.

Eight years, and young families are still moving out of the county to find living wage jobs. Why should our families have to leave the county to make a living? Hanvelt welcomes businesses that pay sub-poverty wages, while we subsidize their employees through state social programs. Randy calls this the free market. It’s time to elect people into government that will ask the right questions when a business wants to come into our community. Like will you pay living wages?

Hanvelt is making our county poorer. We’re too poor to tax to fix the roads, too poor to support our county government. Who does Randy know that will fix that? We need a new supervisor.

Chuck Kiel


Birtwhistle’s CPA experience a plus

To the Editor:

Vote for Justin Birtwhistle as co unty treasurer/tax collector. He is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with 16 years’ experience helping people and entities navigate the intricacies of tax code and wise investing. In his professional practice at Wheeler & Egger CPAs, Mr. Birtwhistle has conducted many audits for government agencies. These experiences have given him unique insight into the varied aspects of governmental financial management.

Additionally, both current and prior treasurer/tax collectors have enthusiastically endorsed Mr. Birtwhistle as the next occupant of the office. Those endorsements speak volumes to us.

Justin Birtwhistle was raised in Tuolumne County and is a dedicated family man. He and his wife, Gretchen, left Tuolumne County just long enough to complete their education; they returned promptly to raise their three children in the county they love. Justin is passionate about his desire to help the citizens of Tuolumne County in the capacity of treasurer/tax collector – a position that requires the wise stewardship of our county’s funds. We think he’s just the guy to do it.

Finally, Justin Birtwhistle is a calm and rational gentleman who will serve the people of Tuolumne County faithfully and professionally. We’re voting for Justin, and we encourage you to as well.

Eric and Susan Marvel

Twain Harte

Bad timing for royal wedding

To the Editor:

I wish the prince and his bride all the best. They could have, though, checked to see if they were getting married the same weekend as the Frog Jumps. I’m going to be one very tired old man come Monday.

Charley Neilsen

Angels Camp

Such is best choice for city council

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter to encourage our local residents to vote for an exceptional candidate for City Council. I have had the pleasure of knowing this wonderful woman, Colette Such, both personally and professionally for over 25 years, as a friend, neighbor and colleague. But anyone who gets to know Colette realizes she is a woman of remarkable warmth, integrity, honesty, and generosity. While the spirit of intelligence, enterprise, cooperation, and commitment that she brings to any task is notable, what really matters is that Colette loves Sonora and all of these qualities will be in service of supporting our city.

Colette has an impressive history of contributions that demonstrate this love, including her long employment at Tuolumne General Hospital and her current involvement in two diverse areas, the Homeless Task Force and as current president of the Columbia College Foundation Board. I now have the privilege of working with her on the Foundation Board and can see her in action. She works tirelessly, creatively, respectfully, and thoughtfully on any project to which she commits (while maintaining both a sense of humor and a sense of perspective—no small task).

Colette is truly Such a Good Choice for our City Council. She will bring her experience, her commitment, her strengths, her love of this city and its people, and her willingness to share all of this with all of us. Don’t miss this opportunity to vote for Colette Such on June 5th.

Tamara Oxford