Opt out of sanctuary polices

To the Editor:

Based on recent events it ap pears to be in the best interest of Tuolumne County to opt out of the sanctuary policies adopted by the state of California.

Thus, by this letter we request the Board of Supervisors take actions to perform the needed requirements to effect this change. In addition, may we suggest that Tuolumne County contact the rural county organization to explore relief from the state sanctuary policies, which may attach to Tuolumne County as an unsolicited/unwarranted liability.

James Beaty


Preserving public lands is a duty of Congress members

To the Editor:

Tuolumne County, with 54,300 residents, is a place we’re proud of for its people, rural lifestyle, and generations of families and natives who’ve influenced our surroundings and way of life.

Government agencies own 80 percent of the land; segments of Yosemite National Park (YNP) and Stanislaus National Forest (STF) are amongst the largest. We fish, ride, hunt, hike, camp, swim, boat, photograph, picnic and bond with our families and friends within them. Proximity to federal lands is a significant benefit, providing jobs, and a tourism-based economy.

In 2016, over 5 million people visited YNP, spending $520.6 million in nearby communities, supporting 7,883 jobs, with a $230.1 million cumulative benefit to local economies. In 2012, STF reported that 971,000 forest visitors hiked, viewed scenic landscapes, and connected with natural resources.

Federal agencies need fiscal support to adequately manage visitors and lands, which requires support from Congress. Tom McClintock does not do this. The Forest Service (USFS) spends 56 percent of their annual budget addressing wildfires, compared with 16 percent in 1995. By 2025, the agency’s wildfire budget could exceed 70 percent; the USFS will have half-billion dollars less (2015 dollars) than allocated in 1995 to manage pubic land. Furthermore, the USFS lost 39 percent of non-fire personnel from 1998-2015. YNP reported a maintenance backlog of $555 million, involving repair of critical infrastructure.

McClintock accused the USFS of neglecting forests but hasn’t worked to adequately fund agencies. Investments in public lands benefit our economy, wildlife, and recreation. Based on McClintock’s voting record, the League of Conservation Voters assigned McClintock a 0 percent environmental score because he undermines laws protecting clean water, air, fish, and wildlife, and approves sales off millions of acres of public lands to private interests. We need a representative who is an honest broker, one who preserves these lands that underpin what makes Tuolumne strong.

Susan Clark

El Portal

Support Measure A

To the Editor:

Please join me in supporting Measure A.

Measure A renews the lease of our County Hospital, Mark Twain Medical Center with Dignity Health managing it.

Measure A keeps our hospital and five rural clinics open. Over 80 rural hospitals have closed in the past 10 years.

Measure A does not increase any taxes.

Support Measure A so that Calaveras County:

1. Has an acute care hospital for all of us to use.

2. Entrust Dignity Health with running the hospital to recruit primary care physicians to our county.

3. Have local healthcare available to all for treating common problems that we all will face someday.

4. Ensures existing services are not closed, such as pain clinic, oncology, urology, general surgery, orthopedics, etc

5. Requires a minimum of 25 beds at Mark Twain Medical Center

6. Keeps public ownership of the hospital, and public representation at the hospital corporate board.

Please support Measure A .

Rodger Orman, MD


Potholeamee County

To the Editor:

Supervisor Karl Rodefer is telling the truth about our roads. “They are only going to get worse if we don’t get some money.” He hates the thought of a tax increase but considered the new road tax increase “a necessary evil,” that he is for if the language stipulates that the money will only be used for roads.

Wake up Karl, wake up California. The gas tax was only supposed to be used for roads, too. Where is our governor siphoning moneys from to build his utopian high speed rail and when did a “progressive” politician ever tell us the truth or keep a promise? So no Karl, until we elect real conservatives you don’t get to keep your doctor and we don’t get to use road tax money only for roads.

Until that happens there are two things we can do to save ourselves and make the best of it: 1, sign the Howard Jarvis petition to rescind the gas tax. 2, Join my campaign to change the name of our county from something that doesn’t mean anything to anybody into a name that everyone can identify because it brings to mind our counties most unforgettable feature: because Karl is right it’s “Potholeamee County.”

James Schram


Who’s telling the truth?

To the Editor:

There’s a new book out. James Comey has characterized Trump, the Lyin King, as “unteathered to the truth.” Does this surprise you, or is this just the new normal?

Independent fact checkers have documented a shocking number of lies and half truths pronounced per day by our fearless leader. Mr. Trump calls Comey “a slime ball” and a liar. Now, who do you think is more credible? C’mon people, haven’t we had enough?

Terril Spitze

Twain Harte