Political robocalls

To the Editor:

I hope our next 4th District congressperson does not pursue the policy of making periodic robocalls (usually at dinner time). My requests to Tom McClintock’s office to be removed from his calling list have gone unheeded.

Not sure if I would learn anything in a live chat with Tom as his political interest seems narrowly focused on female pregnancy rights, which to me would better be discussed with women or better yet left out of the political arena entirely.

Tom’s expertise seems to be in tax reduction which makes every voter happy. But I would like to hear what Tom supports to protect our environment and have a modern humane civilized and secure society, and how he expects to pay for it.

Maybe there might be some other things we could discuss. Probably not foreign policy since he has limited experience there. Climate change? No scientific background. Military? Never served. Guns? Don’t want to embarrass him. Other issues? Probably not, since like many politicians Tom seems to follow party lines and where possible fence sit so he does not antagonize future voters.

Not sure how much he knows about local issues since he does not live in the district he represents. So forget the live chat and I guess I can just block the robocalls. Time for some new blood in Congress anyway.

Ed Fernandez


Ban assault rifles

To the Editor:

Instead of a day of love and kindness; we had a Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre in a high school in Florida where 17 students and teachers were killed and 15 were injured. This was done by a disturbed teenaged boy with an AR-15, assault rifle with many magazines of ammo.

Trump signed an order last February to change the ruling on mentally ill people buying guns. Now, he has the nerve to get on TV saying he will do anything to protect our children, That is, anything except ending the acceptance of blood money from the NRA.

There have been 18 school shootings in our country since Jan. 1. Our Congress is not doing much about this horrible problem. Our children should not be worried about going to school. It is difficult enough for children to deal with the problems of high school without thinking that they may be going through a nightmare of gun violence.

Assault weapons should be banned, they are not needed for hunting. The only reason for these weapons is to kill and maim innocent people. Why is it legal for an 18 year old to buy an assault weapon when they have to be 21 to buy a handgun?

We have far more mass shootings than any other country. We have more guns than any other country.

Sydney Taylor