Help in time of need

To the Editor:

On Jan. 27, my husband George and I had a terrifying encounter on Phoenix Lake Road with a buck that crashed through our windshield. This letter isn’t about us — it’s about the incredible first responders and medical staff that helped us.

We come from Hawaii, the “aloha” state, yet I think Hawaii could learn a lot about aloha from the people of Sonora. First, thank you to the fire personnel who arrived so promptly and treated us so gently, making sure that we were OK. They were Colton Ebbers, Casey Diehl, Chris Morris and Sam Ewing.

Second, thank you to CHP Officer Michael Huddleston who gathered information and took the incredible pictures.

Third, thank you Joseph Malin, the EMT who maintained a great sense of humor and made the ambulance ride less scary. And fourth, to Ron, Rob, Toni and Dianna, the Sonora Regional nurses who picked glass and ticks from our faces and hair — thank you for your patience and gentleness. We received excellent care at your hands. We are sorry for all the glass in the shower.

Fifth, to Madelynn Price and Charissa Bush who talked to me, kept me calm, held my hand and called our sons before anyone else arrived, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You two will never know how much you did for us.

And last, to Aubreana, Kris and Jim, Carrie and John, Linda and John, Dianna, Robyn, Amy, Pam, Sarah, and Jody — thank you for being there, for the meals, and for being the best friends ever. Though I hope I won’t be in need of their assistance again, it is very comforting to know that our first responders and medical personnel are outstanding.

Jody Kellerman


Build for homeless at Law and Justice Center

To the Editor:

As I see it we are building a jail and a new courthouse out on Wards Ferry Road also a child detention center. With the homeless problem in the news and where to put them, why not build their living facility on the $6 million property next to the courthouse, jail, and transit center.

Then they will have access to everything and the county can absorb the cost. They can go everywhere and still be under the watchful eye of our county entity.

Charles Narry