Time’s up to change gun laws

To the Editor:

Not This Time

I used to cry after a school shooting.

Not This Time

I used to spend sleepless nights after a church shooting.

Not This Time

I used to wring my hands in despair after a concert massacre.

Not This Time

I used to scream and yell after a mass murder at a movie theatre.

Not This Time

This time I will write, call, petition, march, vote, donate my money, time, and resources to change the gun laws.

The laws that allowed a mentally ill, 18 year old man to buy an automatic assault rifle. A gun that was purchased and used for one purpose — to kill children.

The time for tears, sleepless nights, hand wringing, and yelling is passed.

This time I will act.

Linda Boscoe


Vision Sonora — rearranging the chairs on the Titanic

To the Editor:

Yesterday I drove through jammed streets downtown for the umpteenth time looking for a place to park. Above all, traffic gridlock and parking are the problems the city needs to solve. Changing the crosswalk near the Red Church is like rearranging the chairs on the Titanic. It is probably a waste of money and not fix much of anything.

I propose the following:

Build a north-south bypass of Sonora on Highway 49, so that it is re-routed west of Sonora, not through it. This would take logging trucks and other north-south through traffic out of the city, and it would help clear Washington Street.

Turn Linoberg Street into a walking only street. Then, build a parking lot or garage at the top of linoberg between Stewart Street and Shepherd Street. People can park there and walk to Washington Street.

Perhaps create a few loading zones on Washington Street where mobility impaired persons can be let off before the vehicle is parked in the above parking structure.

I fully understand that this would cost a lot of money. But I think these ideas will go at the heart of the problems facing downtown, and if amortized off over, say 50 years, the cost wouldn’t be so bad.

Bill Burnes


Clearance? I think not

To the Editor:

A response is necessary to Domenic Torchia’s letter. How very impressive was his list of “clearances” as he enumerated on Feb. 14. But then if you really looked into it you would find that most veterans serving in the Armed Forces, or working for the government, at some time or other, duplicated many of the clearances he claimed.

I am a Navy veteran of the Korean action, and as such required certain clearances just because of the electronic equipment that I operated, maintained, and repaired.

Times change, as do people. Simply by the nature of his obvious hatred, and his continual accusatory letters against the U.S. president, he has disqualified himself in consideration most of the qualities required in responsible service to this great nation.

Freedom of speech is very important to our freedoms, but there are also consequences of trust, when the purposes show through.

God Bless President Trump, Vice President Pence, and God bless these United States of America.

Jim Dresbach

Cedar Ridge

Speak up NRA members

To the Editor:

Another round of school shootings and “thoughts and prayers.” When will we ever learn?

Is militarizing the citizenry by arming teachers the solution? Would our children be safer when we turn places of learning into fortresses, with metal detectors, barbed wire and armed guards? Hardly.

All school shooters planned their deeds beforehand. They wanted to kill as many as possible. If barricades were erected around every school in the country, a determined shooter might simply wait until the school lets out. And shoot the kids in front of their waiting parents.

U.S. Army Major Nidal Hassan in 2009 killed 13 people inside Fort Hood, Texas, home to 45,000 soldiers and more than enough guns. They were no defense against Major Hassan.

Survivors, parents, people from all walks of life demand “something must be done.” But we never hear one word from the NRA; they rather stoke the irrational fear “the government wants to take your guns away”.

I readily believe the NRA’s claim that their members are law-abiding, good citizens. I trust that’s true 99-plus percent of the time. These good people can do something.

They should raise their voices and speak out against the organization that wants more and ever more guns. The NRA claims membership to be “lifelong.”

NRA members needs to denounce the mass shootings in their own words. They shouldn’t be a silent supporter of the status quo. Speak up and cancel your NRA membership .

Klaus Kraemer


Why I think less of Trump supporters

To the Editor:

Some of this letter is based on a letter by Occupy Democrats shortly after the election of Donald Trump. Most of it is my own.

I don’t think less of Trump supporters because they vote one way and I vote another. I think less of them because they watched him mock a disabled person in front of a crowd and still supported him.

They saw a man openly spouting racism and backed him.

They listened to him advocate for war crimes, and still thought he should run this country.

They watched him equate a woman’s worth to her appearance and still got on board.

They see him blatantly lie, day after day and flagrantly violate the Constitution.

I think less of them because they see him openly resort to abuse of power and criminally obstruct justice.

They see Trump destroy decades of essential international relationships with our partners in Europe and yet support him.

I think less of them because they see him openly ceding the international leadership role of America.

They see Trump tear up vital treaties, like the Paris Accord, for absolutely no reason except that it was an Obama program.

I think less of them because they see him deliberately trying to do harm to this great nation for his own personal benefit.

It isn’t their politics I find repulsive. It is their willingness to support racism, sexism, cruelty, lawlessness, narcissism and borderline treason that I will never forget.

Trump disgusts me, but it is the fact that he doesn’t disgust them that tells me everything I need to know. The fact that he doesn’t disgust them will stay with me long after he is gone. So, no, I won’t be “coming together” to move forward.

Roy Mapps


Congress has helped environment

To the Editor:

In a letter headlined “The Feinstein Fiasco” Mr. Gookin lays the blame on Senator Feinstein and “enviromentalists” for the mismanagement of our local forests. As Ms. Feinstein is only one of 50 senators she would only be one fiftieth responsible, if at all.

“Enviromentalists” may or may not be responsible for the degradation of our local forests but they are responsible for our cleaned up air and water pollution, our more efficient automobiles, the removal of toxic chemicals from our homes and workplaces, the restricted use of DDT, elimination of lead paint use which saved many children, reduction in asbestos use, which had caused many chronic illnesses, and I would argue science-based forest management, in total “enviromentalists” have benefited humankind in multiple ways.

I believe that the lumber industry and environmentalists can work together to grow sustainable forests but ill-informed letters like the one from Mr. Gookin do not advance this cooperation.

David Morgan