Feeling safe

To the Editor:

In response to Doug Gravelle letter to the editor on Jan. 23. I live in a neighborhood with two hispanic families. The youngest in one of the families saw his sister murdered in front of him. The family came to escape unbelievable violence. They are all quickly learning English but I still love hearing the children speak Spanish in lilting voices. I walk my dog before dawn each morning and yes, I feel safe.

Ann Leonard


Why Norwegians are staying put

To the Editor:

President Trump seems puzzled about the fact that the people from Norway and other Nordic countries aren’t flocking to the United States. Why should they? Everyone there, rich, middle, and poor alike pay high taxes, but the money provides them with a more satisfying life.

Their taxes pay for such things as universal health care so no one becomes homeless because of a catastrophic illness. CEOs do not make 200-300 times more in wages than their medium wage earners. Education is free for life so college students aren’t saddled with enormous debt upon graduation.

If a worker loses his job, retraining is free and the worker receives a subsidy while being retrained. Companies provide extended maternal and paternal care for newborns to strengthen family bonds.Addiction services are much better than in the U.S.

These countries are moving away from a dependence on oil or dirty coal for energy. Cleaner air means better health. All of these things are possible in the United States if we decide as a country to follow in their footsteps.

Right now in America, the rich are getting richer and the poor are blamed for being poor. Those in the middle class are having to work longer and harder, many having two jobs, just to stay afloat.

As President Trump would say, “Sad.”

Marilyn Waggoner


Shame on MLK committee

To the Editor:

I was appalled that the MLK committee had chosen Carmen Perez — a far left socialist activist and alleged supporter of radical Islam — to be guest speaker at the recent event held at Sonora Union High School. As one of the protestors at this highly political function I listened carefully to Perez’s speech, in which she claimed her movement is non-violent. Oh, really? She failed to tell the audience what her movement is actually about — an attempt to teach and preach Sharia law across America.

For those not familiar with Sharia, may I encourage you to get on the internet and look it up. It’s frightening. One can hardly imagine the hideously cruel punishment that people endure who live under this misguided system of government.

To satisfy my natural curiosity, I talked to some of the women attending the MLK event. Amazingly enough, many seemed to know nothing of Sharia Law, much less Carmen Perez and her extreme viewpoints.

It should be noted that we who protested were not protesting Rev. King. Indeed, he will always be remembered as a great American. What we were protesting is Carmen Perez. Shame on the committee for inviting her to Sonora and giving her a platform to speak.

Donna Nattkemper