This government
favors big business

To the Editor:

I hope my last letter (Jan. 16, “Learning from talk radio”) pointed out that life on the highway without any rules or regulations would be a dangerous nightmare. The threats to human welfare created by the careless use of the technologies that enable our modern world could not have been foreseen by our ancestors, but one truth remains constant — there will always be those who take unfair advantage of a situation to exploit it for their own economic or political benefit at the expense of the rest of society.

The right describes regulations as onerous, burdensome, and unnecessary, and the Trump agenda is to eliminate them by any means available, including simply disregarding the law. To protect the environment and public health and safety is a legitimate and vital function of government. To impose or eliminate any regulation is a complex question of balancing various interests and values. The deliberations should include recommendations from scientists and a variety of other experts along with a sense of responsibility for the welfare of the nation as a whole.

Under the Trump administration, government agencies are doing the bidding of big corporations while ignoring scientific studies and public opposition. They are allowing industries to pollute the air and water, and they are approving pesticides that poison children and kill bees as well as eliminating safety protections for workers and consumers. Their list of misdeeds goes on and on. Industry has found it more lucrative to finance political campaigns than to invest in competing within the existing rules. Our national quality of life is being sacrificed to further enrich a wealthy few.

Representative Tom McClintock has been a proponent of limiting government and eliminating environmental protections. Now that we see what this really means, it is time to vote him out instead.

John Watson