No to marijuana

To the Editor:

Faint praise is due for The Union Democrat and the lead article on Jan. 17, as it made citizens aware of the “blind ignorance” shown by the Sonora Council in their opening shot to legalize something that is federally illegal.

Is it possible that they are ignorant of the peril that Calaveras County has put themselves in by legalizing marijuana? With legalization comes crime and that puts our law enforcement in danger. Look at the overleaf page in the UD. A full sheet, with the exception of one article, that reads like the crime blotter in a major big city.

Look again at Calaveras County. The overwhelming and escalating cost of enforcement has caused considerable rethinking on their part.

Moving the grows and the distributors out of the city, is not the answer. The growers will still be contaminating streams and soils. The distribution will still encourage illegal raids and theft and the other criminal activities that accompany drugs.

It is abominable, that which you have done. I pray that you will wake up before you and your loved ones reap the whirlwind of consequence. Evil is repaid by evil. Look to Roman History. Their destruction and fall was due to the Senate (those in office) rejecting law and justice, and embracing greed and lawlessness.

I praise Mayor Connie Williams, though she stands alone in her vote, she knows what she talking about in opposing this ordinance.

Connie Dresbach


‘The Post’ is relevant today

To the Editor:

Yesterday I saw the film “The Post” here in Sonora and what a wonderful piece of cinematic art it is. The historical significance and relevance to today’s political machinations is both profound and astounding, I think.

The central theme of the movie concerns the first Amendment to the US Constitution, e.g. freedom of the press and President Nixon’s (aka “Tricky Dicky”) attempts to quash the exercise of that guaranteed right in our founding document; specifically the publishing of the Pentagon Papers that was an embarrassment to every administration since and including Eisenhower’s up to Nixon’s.

The Supreme Court ruled 6-3 that the N.Y. Times and The Washington Post had/have a fundamental right to publish factual news that may or may not be embarrassing to the government. I highly recommend this film without any reservation.

It’s relevance to today’s political events is manifest. We now have a president who declaims established and long honored news institutions, such as the Times, Washington Post, etc. as perpetrating “fake news” and being the “enemy of the people” — repeating the claims of one Joseph Stalin many decades ago in the USSR.

The freedom of the press is a bulwark of our republic and the citizens’ necessary and just check against authoritarianism and/or totalitarianism in the governing of a free people. Richard M. Nixon attempted to usurp the right of the electorate to know what its governors were covertly doing, to the detriment of the nation, and eventually paid the price of being the only president of these United States to resign his office in ignominy. I hope and pray that the citizens of this country will arise en masse in repudiation of our current POTUS’ attempts to discredit his accusers, which are legion and honest.

David A. Fristad

Twain Harte

You and me

To the Editor:

To me, today, there are three types of citizens: The feel goods, the poor mes and you and mes.

So today there is not enough of you and mes to let the feel goods support the poor mes

Think about it.

Mike Hesseltine


Pot vote would be illegal

To the Editor:

Voters in Calaveras County do not have the right to vote on a Federal Law.

Putting the issue of legalization of marijuana out to the voters is illegal.

Leave well enough alone.

Marilynn Meyer


People of varied beliefs attended MLK celebration

To the Editor:

The letter by Richard T. Todd disparaging the celebration on Jan. 14 honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., is a tissue of irrelevancies, personal attacks and misstatements of fact. The celebration was put on by the Motherlode Martin Luther King Jr. Committee, not by “Socialist Democrats” or pro-abortionists.

The committee is composed of local community members who have a variety of political beliefs, but who are united in commemorating Dr. King and his devotion to non-violent action to bring about social and political change.

The invocation was given by Imam Ahmad Kayello, a Muslim, not an “Islamist,” whatever that means. The closing was given by Rabbi Andra Greenwald. Mr. Todd criticizes the MLK Committee’s essay contest as not being “honest.” In fact, many students in local schools participated in it, and the winner at the high school level read her essay, which was published by The Union Democrat last September, to great applause.

Over 500 local community members attended the event and were “fine with it,” joining in singing and enthusiastic applause for the speaker, Carmen Perez, one of the organizers of the 2017 Women’s March. Those protesting the event numbered 20 to 25, and not all were local, the most vocal individual being from Stockton. Protestors were invited into the event and to participate in a discussion afterwards, which some did.

Mr. Todd throws in other accusations that had nothing to do with the event, including references to the Muslim Brotherhood, Hugo Chavez, anti-American Hollywood “elitists,” Castro, Bahar al-Assad, etc..

It is interesting that Mr. Todd’s letter appeared virtually word for word titled “Freedom Fighting in the Sierra Nevadas” in a conservative blog on Jan. 16 over the signature of Suzanne Cruz, director of the Liberty Institute USA, a conservative nonprofit in the Sierra Nevada region..

Steve Ralston

Motherlode Martin Luther
King Jr. Committee