By Debi Baron

Twain Harte resident

Many terms and phrases are bandied about and perhaps we should understand what they mean before we use them. Because we surround ourselves with people who think like we do, often we are under the misimpression that everyone thinks the same. We don’t.

And that’s why our Founding Fathers wrote our Declaration of Independence, Constitution and the Bill of Rights as they did. All documents are a compromise. They argued just as passionately as we do, however, they were able to compromise. They set an example for us. Perhaps it’s time to truly follow in their footsteps and compromise.

The new tax plan is the same as the old tax plan, and it isn’t good for the majority of people in this county. Job creation doesn’t trickle down. After Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and Sam Brownback cut taxes on the top, few jobs and little growth resulted.

Companies expand and create jobs when there’s more demand for their goods and services. If the majority of Americans are paid minimum wage how will they have the money to buy what companies sell. Those customers are primarily the middle class and poor, who spend far more of their incomes than the rich. But this tax bill mostly benefits the rich.

Socialist Regime? Socialism is when government (taxpayers) pays for infrastructure that is used by the community like roads, bridges, police, fire, schools, and colleges. Would you prefer a toll every time you got on a highway? Would you prefer a bill when fire personnel save your neighbourhood?

What matters most to real Americans? Most Americans want gun regulation — 64 percent — but we don’t have regulation. Only 34 percent of Americans want a wall built yet the president is going ahead with that.

Wealth creators, not wealth takers? How do wealth creators create wealth? They generate ideas and policies and create business. But how do they run their business? People.

There are few business that are made wealthy by the efforts of a single individual. Even Rockefeller needed people to amass his wealth just as Alice Walton does.

In our county, many people contribute to Ms. Walton’s wealth. Yet many of them need SNAP to feed their family. Personal responsibility? How about paying workers a living wage so they can afford to purchase products sold by the wealth maker’s own businesses?

How about not allowing the wealth creator’s business to be dependent on the local county for SNAP to supplement the meager wages of their employees.

Wealth takers? Are people ‘wealth takers’ because they want a fair and living wage for their labor? These people work, often physically demanding work, to earn their pay. Are the wealth ‘givers’ paying their proportionate share of our roads that their trucks travel upon? Are the wealthy ‘givers’ paying proportionately for access to freight systems like bridges, docks and airports? The answer is no. Tax havens by corporations costs the U.S. Treasury an estimated $90 billion a year — double the $45 billion in infrastructure spending the federal government cut this year.

I have an idea. Why not stop slinging mud, memes, charts, graphs, punches, torches, and insults at each other? Why not stop allowing ourselves to be divided and conquered like we have been for centuries by the aristocracy, the wealthy, tribal bullies, and now cyberbullies?

We could stop directing our anger at each other instead of where it belongs — at them, the 1 percent. Let’s stop worshiping wealth for wealth for wealth’s sake and ask ourselves why we have allowed ourselves to become poorer while they laugh all the way to their investment brokers.

The Romans played that strategy. The Church used that tactic. The oligarchy in the USSR manipulated people into believing the west was evil with that scheme. Politicians have been doing it since we came out of the cave. And we are still falling for it. We’re smarter than that. I know we are.

Debi Baron lives in Twain Harte.