Soroptimists honor female veterans

To the Editor:

The Twain Harte Soroptimist Club recently held a luncheon honoring Women Veterans in Tuolumne County. To my knowledge this is the only organization in Tuolumne County that honors women veterans. I would like to thank Jan Hiebert, the activity chair, and the Soroptimist Club for honoring our women veterans in such a special way.

This is the fourth year I have attended the luncheon. In attendance were 19 women representing the Air Force, the Army, the Navy and the Marines. The luncheon was excellent, and the gifts given to the women attending were truly appreciated. The speaker, Debbie Esque, a veteran, shared with attendees her service in the military.

In closing I want to again thank Jen, the woman who helped her, the Soroptimist Club for their support and Diane Dunigan and her staff for the excellent service and food.

Lenore Shively


Trump wants to destroy government

To the Editor:

I have not written a letter to the editor for a while, because the last time my letter was published about gun control after Las Vegas, I received another phone call from the troll-man who calls and harasses me.

I am very upset by the way Trump is trying to destroy our democratic government in daily vicious tweets; like a teenager telling off the Democrats. He is an ego-centric, evil man who has a cabinet of other evil people who just want to get taxes for billionaires.

Trump, hates people of color, Native Americans, strong women, refugees, immigrants, LGBTQ people, elephants, black football players, and especially Democrats. Did I forget anyone? Right, he hates puppies.

God bless our country and defend us against autocratic presidents like Trump.

Sydney Taylor


Gallery proposed for Sonora Dome

To the Editor:

I would like to see The Dome used as a gallery to house the county and city art collection. The Tuolumne County Archive has many beautiful paintings, photos etc. that the local population and tourists never see. The building is an icon for Sonora and this would be a wonderful use.

Gary Gordon

Angels Camp