Federal Judges America – Not Trump

To the Editor:

The radical left on the bench blocks every good thing Trump tries to do for America — why bother to vote? All evil comes from the bench — abortion, marriage defilement, porn, drugs, etc. ad nauseam. America will never be great again.

Doug Gravelle


No joking matter

To the Editor:

I was going to write an eloquent letter to challenge this woman who wrote “Liberalism and you” (Nov. 28), but we really do not have time. Tonight while listening to Dr. Lance Dedos, a Harvard Professor, I realized that we are out of time and we must speak up now.

For as long as I have been writing about the mental illness of Donald Trump, Dr. Dedos has been writing as well. But, this letter below, and these articles listed below, coupled with tonight’s words from Dr. Dedos added urgency. He used terms like, “very sick” and “extremely dangerous” on the Lawrence O’Donnell news talk show on MSNBC.

Sitting back and joking about, Trump’s public incestuous lust for his daughter Ivanka, or his talk of sexually assaulting women, or his bigoted hatred of seemingly everyone but himself, are no longer cocktail party jokes. The man is very likely insane, and we cannot just make a joke of him anymore.

We must force the move to get him out of office. Ample evidence of his mental illness is obvious to the most casual of observers. He is not only an embarrassment to our nation, he is a threat to humanity.

Please review the compilation of stories in just today’s news. I hope this will lead us all to unite in our efforts to safely remove this international threat.

Domenic Torchia