Ready to vote

To the Editor

I've seen enough, how about you? Where do you stand?

• Do you want big corporations to pollute the air and water and destroy the beauty and value of our public lands for short term profit?

• Do you want a tax structure that funnels wealth to the already wealthy, so that a few rich people dominate an impoverished majority?

• Do you think that the poorest and most disadvantaged should be left to fend for themselves?

• Do you want to live in a society that favors the dictates of one religion over the spiritual insights and conscience of each individual?

• Do you believe that endless wars are better than patient, thoughtful efforts to promote peace?

• Do you think that the worldwide consensus of scientific experts that human activity is disrupting the climate should be ignored?

• Do you think our country is better off when politicians try to divide people by race and ethnicity instead of trying to get everyone to work together?

• Do you think it should be harder for qualified persons to register to vote?

• Do you believe that appointing incompetent toadies to important government positions in order to serve the interests of wealthy donors is good governance?

If you answered yes to these questions, you've got the government you deserve. But the rest of us should work toward voting Republicans out of congress in the 2018 election, especially the Koch Industries candidate, Representative Tom McClintock. He endorsed Donald Trump and he has voted for the Trump agenda almost 90 percent of the time.

We need more than Tea Party talk from our representative; he has not served us well. It is time to think about which candidates most deserve our support in the June primary. Help take charge of the future; be ready to vote.

John Watson