Two parties too many

To The Editor:

Our government is a two party system. Adding parties only serves to diminish one or both. If we were to eliminate one party we would all be on the same page (as in united). It should be obvious, it wouldn’t matter which one. It should be obvious right now, it doesn’t matter which one. The number one objective of both parties is to keep the Democrats and the Republicans at odds with each other. (As in divided) Once a politician is elected, the campaign promises are forgotten, and the “blame game” begins, and nothing changes. For the better anyway. And the billions and billions of our dollars keep pouring into Washington, while the thousands can be accounted for.

We are a two party system with one boat. We can’t go anywhere until we start paddling in the same direction.

The only flaw I see, is we wouldn’t be voting for our politicians on merit alone.

When is the last time you saw a politician with any merit?

Mike Cleworth

Big Oak Flat

Drain the
teacher swamp

To the Editor:

Oh Boo Hoo Hoo

It’s time to drain the teachers swamp — they work only 180 days a year. They make over $60,000 dollars a year,

That’s over $330.00 per day, That’s over $42.00 per hour.

They want to leave Easy Street and live on Diamond Boulevard.

Replace them with less greedy teachers is the right thing to do! No sympathy here.

Doug Gravelle