Hooray for Trump

To the Editor:

I would not allow ball players who trashed America’s Anthem in my house either. Finally, a president with integrity we can all be proud of. May God bless him, his house, and his party special. As for me, I would boycott the lousy bums.

Doug Gravelle


Signs of life on Parrotts Ferry Road

To the Editor:

After nearly four years of driving up and down Parrotts Ferry Road daily and seeing virtually no new activity, it is great to see some positive economic development. Starting at the Pedro Wye, while we wait the proposed Stone Mill Center to wind its way through Court, thanks to the frivolous lawsuit by the Citizen for Responsible Growth, several other projects are moving forward. Across Parrots Ferry Road the Union Hill Inn is underway with several upgrades and a new entrance. Further up the road, a new barn is well under way. Continuing north, a new neighborhood of 14 homes is taking shape and four much needed affordable houses are breaking ground at Habitat for Humanities’ Parrotts Ferry Village. At least two new homes in the Gold Springs development are also nearing completion. All of these new homes will add to the County’s tax base and very likely to populate our schools with new students. Finally, another great looking barn is going up close to Marble Quarry Road. We at the Tuolumne County Business Council applaud all of the parties who are investing their resources in needed housing and economic development along Parrotts Ferry Road and look forward to more new, well planned activity throughout Tuolumne County.

Jeff Redoutey

Tuolumne County Business Council

Regulating patriotism

To the Editor:

President Trump has faithfully lived up to his campaign promise to declare war on regulations that affect commercial businesses. So far, he has been remarkably successful at this task, even though many of his decisions have very undesirable consequences on the average citizen.

However, he himself is now calling for more regulations, at least for the NFL, which has no rule that requires football players to stand during the national anthem.

President Trump sees failure to stand as a breach in patriotism. What he fails to see is that what the players are demonstrating against is an even bigger breach of patriotism because of the way some minorities are treated in this great nation of ours. And, yes, those same minorities are the ones most often affected by deregulation of polluters of the environment and loosening of building codes.

So who is the true patriot? In 1775, Samuel Johnson said this about false patriotism: “Patriotism is the last refuge for a scoundrel.”

Could he have been right?

Robert Rogers