Hatred and anarchy

To the Editor:

I was greatly saddened when I awoke this morning to view the morning news broadcasts, telling of the tragic events which took place in Las Vegas overnight.

I sincerely view this as an outcome of the continuing hatred being perpetrated in our nation following the presidential election. The people voted, and strongly showed the direction they wanted. The DNC and those who will not accept the outcome are guilty of creating many violent acts, by disruption of the peace, through their efforts to keep the pot boiling.

This cannot continue. Our nation and the freedoms embodied in our Constitution are the envy of the world. Where is your pride? Why are you trying to destroy the very principles of this Democratic Republic? You may not have carried the guns to that Hotel room, but you certainly pointed them. Unbridled carnage. Are you more proud of that?

We have a president who is listening to the people — Democrats, Independents, and Republicans. He is attempting to do what the people called for when they elected him. Pay attention, stop trying to further divide our great nation. Unity of purpose will make America Great Again.

God bless President Trump, God bless Vice President Pence and God bless America.

Jim Dresbach

Cedar Ridge