Congressman should defend promises

To the Editor:

In March, Rep. Tom McClintock spoke about the American Health Care Act on the House Floor: “In making this transition it’s important to leave no one in the lurch. That’s where we need to heed the CBO’s warning.” He called the CBO finding that costs would skyrocket for seniors “neither morally defensible nor politically sustainable.” Before declaring his support, McClintock offered an amendment in committee to address this concern.

If the House votes on the Graham-Cassidy bill next week, they won’t have a CBO score of cost impacts to individuals or opportunities for amendments. McClintock won’t know if it is “morally defensible or politically sustainable,” or upholds his promise not to leave anybody in the lurch.

Two weeks ago McClintock again addressed the House: “I ask that henceforth, the House leadership stop covering for the Senate Republicans, and move all the legislation we promised the American people to the Senate through regular order.” I agree completely.

McClintock backed down at Wednesday’s town hall, offering weakly, “I like what I see so far” on Graham-Cassidy. If we can’t trust our Congressman to defend promises and positions in his House floor speeches, we’re better off finding a new representative who will.

Michael Bilodeau

El Portal

Honoring our country

To the Editor:

Recently, there’s been a lot of uproar over the decision by athletes to take a knee in silent protest for racial justice. Some feel their actions “dishonor” our country, our flag, and our military. Yet, veterans across the nation have come out in social media in support of their right to protest. Check out #TakeAKnee and #VeteransForKaepernick where you will see comments like, “I took an oath to defend the Constitution, not the flag,” or “We don’t join to serve/honor a flag or song. We join for the people and the expectations of what America could/can be,” or “I served 21 years to defend freedoms to protest injustice.” When asked to choose between honoring the symbols of democracy or defending the rights granted to us in the Constitution, these veterans choose the Constitution. So should we.

They understand that elevating the rituals and symbols of our Republic above its founding principles, not only dishonors our country, but weakens the very foundations on which it is built. As a Supreme Court Justice stated, “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.” Thomas Jefferson even called dissent “the highest form of patriotism.” Let’s not let politicians and the media divide and distract us on yet another false issue. Let’s keep our eye on the ball, and unite as citizens in support of the Constitutional rights our veterans have fought and died for.

Nan Fuller


Who does McClintock represent?

To the Editor:

After last week’s Angels Camp town hall, California’s Fourth Congressional District Representative Tom McClintock joined Southern California talk show hosts John and Ken on KFI AM 640 to discuss “townhalls, loony-lefties and the latest in Congress…” [sic] according to his campaign’s Facebook page.

McClintock’s schoolyard name-calling says a lot about how he views his duty of representation. If we are loony lefties, anarchists, or radical leftists, we are not real people and our concerns don’t matter. His constituents, no matter their party, deserve better.

Unlike Tom McClintock, who is a career politician, we work to earn a living.

We are lawyers, teachers, farmers, healthcare providers, business owners, public servants, and other working people. Sometimes we struggle and sacrifice, other times we succeed.

We live here. At least he admitted that we are not outsiders, like he is, he who has never lived in the district. Some of us go back generations or have lived our whole lives here. While others are newcomers who have made a home here. We are impacted by his decisions in ways that he isn’t as a resident of Elk Grove. He knows little about our issues, and he doesn’t care to learn.

The radio host introduced McClintock as a longtime state legislator from Southern California, who spent time in Sacramento, and is now a U.S. Congressman “up there.” During the whole interview, no one identified our district by name. Who were they addressing? Perhaps he was assuring his Southern Californian donors that their seat is safe.

Kate Hegé

Amador City, CA

ACA appeal

To the Editor:

My dear friends and neighbors in the Mother Lode, this is not the time to sit back and allow the Affordable Care Act to be gutted. I am not going to get into the politics of this recent move by some Republicans, because this is about you, not them.

What do we lose if their bill should pass next week?

It will be more than just 3,700,000 Californians eventually losing their medical insurance, more than the approximately 5,000 in Tuolumne County who have their coverage through ACA/Obamacare, it will impact each and every one of us.

We may lose a clinic or two; we may lose some doctors and other health care professionals; we could even lose Sonora Regional Medical Center. We only know one thing for sure, we all will lose.

Call (866) 426-2631. This will automatically connect you with our Senators.

Destroying the Medicaid program as we know it.

Massively rolling back protections for people with preexisting conditions.

Defunding Planned Parenthood.

Instituting caps on insurance coverage.

Allowing states to put work requirements on Medicaid. Many people rely on Medicaid because they can’t work.

Ripping away millions of people’s health insurance altogether.

Doing all of this before waiting for a CBO score.

“Repealing” (sic) The Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, will gut $250 billion from Medicaid (sources are various medical, healthcare insurers and public service groups e.g. AARP)

Medi-Cal is what the Federal Medicaid program is called in California. Thus, Medicaid and Medi-Cal are essentially the same thing. It covers many of our poor struggling with incomes below 138 percent of federal poverty level.

Do your own research but, no matter what, do something, because we will all suffer if you do nothing.

Domenic Torchia