Just ask Tom McClintock

To the Editor:

Tom McClintock faced public anger when he voted to eliminate healthcare for thousands of his own constituents and transfer $80 billion in tax cuts to the wealthiest 1 percent. Folks are catching on: tax cuts are for the rich, not for us. At town halls, Tom answers tough questions with unrelated gobbledygook. But his latest tactic is even better. Tom’s next town hall requires you to submit questions days ahead so he can avoid the tough ones.

Here are some things he won’t address. For the third time in three years, Texas has had a 500-year flood. Houston saw rainfall of over 4 feet in three days — $180 billion in losses. Then Irma blew through at least $100 billion.

Now look at this year’s wildfires in Montana, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and California. The annual fires in the Pacific Northwest have increased 5,000 percent since the 1970s.

During the last three years, the world’s average temperatures have broken record highs. American cities are posting record highs, not by fractions but by 2 or 3 degrees at a time. Locally we had weeks of 100-degree temperatures, and science warns of worse to come. Worldwide, it is worse!

Tom calls climate science a deception. What is McClintock’s authority? It’s whatever he capriciously chooses to espouse. Overwhelming scientific research that warns of increasing disasters is irrelevant. Tom has lied about global warming for corporate contributions. These worsening disasters are a result of Congressmen like Tom who refuse to act on overwhelming science.

Tom is a 30-year career politician who can’t vote in our district because he’s never lived in it. His legislative accomplishments are three — two renamed Post Offices and one instance of transferred federal acreage to tribal hands. What do you think? Will McClintock ask himself the tough questions at his town hall?

Robert Carabas