Time to work together

To the Editor:

As a Unitarian Universalist our first principle is the inherent worth and dignity of every person.​

It’s very disheartening to hear all the rhetoric and see the way people are disrespecting each other since Donald Trump has been elected.

There are many issues that both Democrats and Republicans can agree on, such as quality education for our children, clean air and water for our citizens, access to affordable healthcare, and on and on.

Tuolumne Rural Action Community was started to make our rural environment a better place for all. Our next meeting is 5:30 p.m. April 10 at the Sonora Public Library. We are a nonpartisan group working on policies not politics. Come join other citizens of Tuolumne County who are working together to make Sonora and environs a better place to live as we work together to make positive changes that will affect us all.

Laurie Bailie


Pay back Social Security

To the Editor:

It seems to me the Congress would not have so many worries about Social Security and their possible changes to lower payments when they pay back the loans they took from SS over the years. That would take away all the concern they now evidence.

Sprague Edwards

Twain Harte

This is a dangerous time

To the Editor:

The Trump presidency is deteriorating. His cabinet appointees are awful, his immigration ban is failing, both legally and in its implementation; opposition to his policies is increasing and will likely impact his ability to govern. He is abandoning his campaign promises. Delaying infrastructure jobs to the midterms where he can combine them with cuts to social programs instead of tax increases, replacing Obamacare with “Abominablecare,” rejuvenating the swamp with each new appointment. The list goes on.

This is a dangerous time. As Trump’s presidency implodes there are several consequences. One, those who supported him, believing in good faith that he would make things better, are going to have to come to terms with the fact that they have been had. Two, as opposition grows, his repressive actions will likely increase. There are already proposed measures in several states to limit protest. If Trump’s own supporters protest his failure to deliver on his promises, they will become subject to repression as well. Three, as the dark consequences of Trump’s war making and climate destruction policies alienate people here and abroad, a possible, and perhaps likely, response will be further aggressive actions to cover up his earlier mistakes and maintain his diminishing hold on power.

The way out for all of us is to stop looking to “Big Daddy” to take care of us, take back our power and work together to demand that our politicians do what we want. I believe the issues are clear enough that we can find agreement on many of them, thus enabling us to give a clear message to our elected officials.

Phil Nichols