State must enforce immigration law

To the Editor

About 4.5 million California citizens voted for Donald Trump in November. Fifty seven percent of Tuolumne County citizens selected him for their president. But in Sacramento, we have no voice. Our very own elected officials from the governor to the legislature are hell-bent on stopping the President-Elect's very actions we favor in combating illegal immigration.

In their most recent move, these Democrats have retained former US Attorney General Eric Holder to “safeguard the values of the people of California.” Holder was responsible for the scandalous program called “fast and furious” in which his justice department forced firearm dealers to sell guns to criminals that resulted in hundreds of Mexican National deaths and the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. I guess a law breaking attorney is considered appropriate to represent the interests of foreigners here illegally.

To further block our interests, the gang in Sacramento is proposing to use public funds to provide legal services for illegal aliens in any future deportation efforts that may occur. There is more consideration for these non-citizens than for all of the 4.5 million Californians who voted to bring about the very changes President-Elect Trump is championing.

At a minimum, we are entitled to have our state government enforce the immigration laws now in effect without any partisan effort to the contrary. The legitimate concerns and values of 32 percent of the electorate should take precedence over the interests of the foreigner here unlawfully.

Randy Meyer


Putin-Trump alliance troubling

To the Editor,

We had a hostile foreign power invade our country by hacking into our election. It does not matter that Trump is denying this and does not want the CIA to tell him about it until next week.

Donald colluded with Putin and Trump’s electorates are looking the other way. It is scary and depressing that some Americans can’t remember bomb shelters and children being taught to hide under their desks in case a bomb was dropped. We lived in terror and now we will live in terror again.

Putin was a KGB expert and an evil man who probably helped an ignorant puppet get into the white house.

Trump is disavowing our country’s CIA. He does not want daily briefings, because he is “too smart”.

Our citizens need to be concerned that Roosevelt’s New Deal is a target for president elect and his billionaire, racist minions. These cabinet picks want to get rid of social security, medicare, family planning, welfare, food stamps and protection of the environment.

Get out a copy of the constitution and read it to see that Trump could be in violation of some of it; like blind trusts, collusion and the emoluments clause.

A few days ago, I woke to the sound of an earthquake. I thought we were being bombed. Our national security is at stake and people need to stop blaming Democrats for “whining” because we lost.

We are all lost if nuclear war is brought on by Donald Trump’s “love affair” with Putin.

Sydney Taylor