Afraid of the free press

To the Editor:

Here's some straight talk about Donald J. Trump. I'll tell it like it is. Trump is a liar. He lied when he said that if you throw out the illegal votes in New York and California, then he actually won the popular vote. He can't show any proof of this, because there is none. It's a self-serving lie because 2.8 million more people voted against him than voted for him. You can't say this isn't true, unless you can prove it. Trump lied.

When he calls the press dishonest scum, he is manipulating us to believe that no one can question anything he says. It's a way of suppressing opposition and dissent. This is a technique used by dictators.

Once Trump takes office, the incessant babble of right wing talk radio backing him up will be like government propaganda under a fascist regime.

Trump doesn't have the guts to hold a press conference and answer questions. He's afraid the free press will expose his ignorance and lies.

That's some straight talk about Trump. He can't be trusted. Please pay attention, don't let him lie to us.

John Watson


No morning paper

To the Editor:

When the change to morning delivery was initiated, the paper was delivered early enough to be considered a "morning paper.”

By that, I mean a paper that arrives early enough to be read in the morning before heading off to work or beginning the day.

But over time the paper has become later and later. It is now reliably arriving AFTER 8 a.m.

If the paper doesn’t arrive before people have to go to work, then for them it is effectively an evening paper, because that is when they have an opportunity to read it. I have talked to my paper carrier, and he says that the later delivery is because the presses are running late. I agree with that — the presses have been running later and later.

Over this past year “morning” delivery times have been pushed further and further back. It is time to end the morning paper experiment and go back to Monday through Friday afternoon delivery.

I challenge you to have a poll on the Democrat being a morning vs. afternoon paper and see how your readers feel.

Chuck Holland


20601 Gopher Drive

Sonora, CA 95370