Who we chose

To the Editor:

Mr. Evans, in response to your letter regarding too much whining by liberals (“Too much post-election whining,” Dec. 30). I’m not whining about what I, as a liberal, have lost, I’m weeping about what I, as an American, have lost. I’ve lost the pride I’ve had in our ability as a nation to absorb immigrants, benefit from them and grow from shared experiences. I’ve lost faith that our leaders will be decision makers employing reason, deliberation and sound judgement.

The values I’ve embraced as an American have been cast aside in this election. When our president elect promotes himself by belittling others, influences world affairs by tweeting, and sows discontent by appealing to base emotions, I’ve lost the qualities I admire in a president.

I continue to mourn the fact that of millions of patriotic Americans of either party who love our country, this is who we chose to represent us.

Sharon Petersen

Twain Harte

100,000-mile checkup

To the Editor:

As the "miles" begin to accumulate on the 'ol chassis (I’m a 70 1/2-year-young obstinate old mule that thinks he’s still 30ish), it starts to become apparent no matter how good you feel that a "100,000-mile checkup and tune-up" maybe the prudent thing to do. But here in Tuolumne County (Calaveras probably also), finding a GP Doctor may become a challenging task due to the few that are practicing now in the County.

I am fortunate to have a very caring and experienced Doctor (Janene Phillips). During my annual physical, she found a couple of things that she felt we needed a little more information on, which is the reason for this letter.

My doctor lined me up with some tests at SRMC (Sonora Regional Medical Center). I have been treated for various issues by this hospital since the very early 1980s and always have received excellent care. But the care and consideration I received in my latest visits were truly eye opening. This hospital has “pulled out all the stops” in a concerted effort to become not only the hospital that you feel totally trusting and comfortable in going to for your medical needs, but proud that we have it here in and part of our community. I now find myself on their patient advisory committee and see many positive and progressive things that they are conducting.

For those reaching the mid 60s age and the Medicare conundrum, an equally exceptional organization stands ready (for NO FEE) to guide you through the minefield of important decisions of which plans and when you need to sign up for them. I have been very well informed and guided by the information provided by HICAP (Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program) located in Standard.

Ron W. Ringen