Good (or bad) taste in politics

To the Editor:

Mr. Joe Bick, in his letter Feb. 17 (“In defense of Jefferson”), denounces the term “teabaggers” as “slang for a disgustingly lewd sexual act.” I tend to agree with him.

He seems to be unaware though that the word has been used for many years by— guess who — the Tea Partiers themselves and as early as February 2009. It was actually a nickname promoted by the Tea Party in the fall of 2010 when they sold “Proud To Be A Teabagger” badges at their events.

Photos of an elderly gentleman holding up such a badge and demonstrators with signs like “Tea Bag the Liberal Dems Before They Tea Bag You!” at a demonstration in Washington, DC, can be found at

My top prize, however, goes to the lady holding up a sign with the inscription “I’m Teabagging 4-Jesus.” Talk about good taste in politics.

I understand some people are upset about the term. May I suggest that they refrain from associating with those “teabagging” folks?

Klaus Kraemer


It’s a mystery

To the Editor:

It’s a mystery to me how anyone who preaches hate instead of love can appeal so strongly to the so-called evangelical voters. At this moment (Feb. 17), Donald Trump is leading the South Carolina polls in this category.

Maybe my dictionary has some serious mistakes in it, or maybe I don’t understand who the evangelicals are.

Robert Rogers