In defense of Jefferson

To the Editor:

On Feb. 2, The Union Democrat posted a position statement from Domenic Torchia (“State of Jefferson a hoax”), from Columbia. In his statement he calls those involved in the State of Jefferson movement “Teabaggers.” That term is slang for a disgustingly lewd sexual act.

He claims to know that the Jefferson folks are an armed insurrection or militia threatening to kill people. A simple Internet search shows the San Diego Union Tribune writing on Jan. 6, 2016: “Unlike the armed Bundy activists who have taken over a federal wildlife center in eastern Oregon, these Jefferson activists are petitioning their government in a thoughtful and peaceful manner.”

The finances for the Jefferson movement have been reviewed by the Legislative Analysts Office, and the findings were that Jefferson would be a solvent entity. California currently enjoys about $420 billion in insolvency.

He concludes his statement by calling the Jefferson folks domestic terrorists. This is a legal term that defines a class of enemy of the United States, and defines a specific set of deadly force countermeasures that may be employed against those who meet that definition.

Simple research shows that the people involved in the Jefferson movement come from all ranges of the political spectrum. Left and right, Libertarian and Green, gay and lesbian rights supporters and, yes, even the Democrats that Mr. Torchia claims to represent elsewhere.

I am a combat veteran with 17 years of combined military service. I have seen what ter rorism is and does first hand.

The Jefferson movement does not have haters and does not condone those wishing to start a fight with their neighbors. I suppose this is why Mr. Torchia is not involved in it, and I am.

Joe Bick