Helen Lucille (Bebe) Chase was born Sept. 11, 1915 in a small town in Tecumseh, Nebraska. Her parents were Sophia and Fred Halsted, and she had an older brother, Charles. At age six, her father passed away, and she lived with her mother and brother in Tecumseh, and later in Lincoln, Nebraska. At 16 she attended the University of Nebraska. When she was 19 she married Robert (Bob) Chase. They had three children, Chuck, Mary Ann, and Kathy Sue. Bebe and her two older children followed Bob around the country during WWII, generally staying off base in rentals as Bob (who was a captain) was training officers. He later deployed to Europe.

After the war, the family moved to California, along with other relatives and their last child, Kathy, was born. Bebe’s mother, Sophia lived with them. Bob became an elementary school principal, and Bebe an elementary school secretary, who we know is the heart of a school. They lived in Rivera, California. After retirement, Bob and Bebe moved to Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, and San Clemente. They also loved the mountains and owned a mobile home in Mammoth Lakes, where they often hosted three children and 11 grandchildren. Bebe has one niece, Myra, and 15 great grandchildren, an incredible family who have been supported and loved by Bebe, and consider her their matriarch. Bebe and Bob moved to Sonora Hills in 1990. Bob passed away in 1995, and Bebe remained there for 22 years. She then lived the remainder of her life at Skyline Place.

Bebe was devoted to her family her entire life. She had many dear friends and an active life. Bebe’s independence and friendships, her loving family, plus her gratitude for the small things in life, have contributed to living 103 years! Family and friends gathered around to celebrate her long life at Skyline Place on January 12, 2019. The family will be having a private celebration of life at a later date at one of Bebe’s favorite places in Laguna Beach.