Steven Vikfors, of Sonora, was one of those guys that you either liked or, well, you didn’t. Steve loved the Lord and would do anything for those in his close circle of friends. He was methodical, and there was truly a method to his madness. Steve was a no-nonsense kind of a guy. He always cut right to the heart of the matter and said what was on his mind. But for all that he was and wasn’t, he was an honest person who had integrity and did the right thing, even to his own detriment at times. We know Steve has gone home to be with the Lord, as he often spoke of such things.

Steve will no longer have to worry about his diet that might upset a medical condition. Steve would want us all to know that he did his best most of the time, but was a bit too stubborn other times. Regrets he had for sure, but none he ever wanted to dwell on too long. Learning lessons along the roadway of life is what made Steve, well, Steve. Not your cup of tea perhaps, but a champion of many, while being a thorn to others. He wouldn’t want you to feel bad or sorry for him, but to try and respect his decisions along the way.

Steve was a champion of the underdog and shared his life on this earth to the fullest, trying to help those that needed a bit of guidance find their way along life’s highway. Forever a man, never an underdog, but always trying to help those that he could. Grateful we should all be knowing Steve had a full, albeit short life. A mortal being for 59 years he was, and now living the life he always dreamt about and wished after. Not everyone had the honor of knowing him, or even those that did, didn’t always understand his peculiar fashion. Steve often referred to his “Thank You Betties,” short pieces of life’s lessons that helped him make it through the day. One of his favorites was, “Don’t carry a grudge, it's heavier than you think.”

Steve is survived by his brothers, John Cooper, and wife, Gai, of Sonora, Robert Cooper, and his wife, Lorraine, of New Bedford, Massachusetts, and sister, Linda Cooper George, and her husband, Tom Dorraugh, of London, Kentucky.