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A 64-year-old Tuolumne County woman who tested positive for COVID-19 attended a baby shower and a birthday party on Saturday and some of people exposed to the virus are refusing to isolate or be tested, the Public Health Department reported Monday.

The patient and many people who were in contact with her have agreed to stay home but because some have not, the health department said it “has not been able to identify all contacts and has not been able to inform them of their risk.” 

“If you think you may have attended one of the gatherings on Saturday, June 20th, and would like further information on keeping yourself safe and obtaining prioritized testing, please call Tuolumne County Public Health.”

Two other cases of COVID-19 were diagnosed in Tuolumne County since Friday, a 70-year-old woman and a 29-year-old man, who are related.

The Public Health Department did not say where in Tuolumne County the people live or how they contracted the virus.

Both are isolating at home. 

The Health Department said an investigation was ongoing.

The tests were administered at Adventist Health Sonora. 

This brings Tuolumne County’s total positive cases to 12, including a caregiver at Sierra Care Center who tested positive but did not display symptoms when diagnosed. It was the first positive in the elderly care field in Tuolumne County.

An inmate at Sierra Conservation Center tested positive earlier this month.Both have recovered

Four people are in isolation, the Health Department said.

In all, 2,432 tests for COVID-19 have been conducted on Tuolumne County residents.

The department is encouraging people to wear a face mask, avoid being with people outside their household, and when they do practice social distancing, which means to stay six feet apart.

The department also said people who work with the public or who have participated in gatherings such as worship services or protests should be tested every 14-29 days.

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