Quarter Fire

Photo take from Big Hill at 3,600 feet

A drone was flown over the Quarter Fire Tuesday in violation of a temporary restricted flight zone order, which carries the possibility of a year in federal prison and a fine up to $100,00.

This meant the aerial firefight had to be stopped.

“The Federal Aviation Administration has been notified of this intrusion,” Maria Benech, spokesperson for the U.S. Forest Service, said in a news release Wednesday morning.

A pilot’s license also may be revoked, she said. 

Better mapping showed the fire is 10 acres and is now 75 percent contained.

Many firefighters will be leaving the scene Wednesday due to a reduced threat.

Those left will be mopping up hot spots and reinforcing the fire lne, she said.

Total personnel is 93 — three hand crews, two helicopters, four engines, four dozers ad one water tender. 

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