Mona McGrady

The lead detective in the investigation of a former Tuolumne Christian school coach accused of sexually abusing female student-athletes in the 1990s testified Wednesday morning that he interviewed more than 30 people to validate the allegations of two confidential witnesses.

“They described similar acts that took place between them and Mona McGrady,” said Scott Meyer, a former child sex crimes investigator for the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office who is now an investigator for the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office, related to his interviews with the confidential witnesses.

Much of his testimony was a clinical explanation of the investigative and interview process, though he made several references to the specific allegations the confidential witnesses made against Mona McGrady during the trial. 

During his first interview with Jane Doe 1, one of the alleged victims, Meyer said she was often frustrated with relating her memories and sometimes had difficulty specifying specific times or ages the alleged abuse occurred.

Meyer interviewed multiple others and acquired a search warrant to access Mother Lode Christian School records before asking her to write out a timeline of the alleged abuse. He later followed up with Jane Doe 1 over the phone for further clarifications, he added, after discussing details with the prosecutor of the case, Tuolumne County Assistant District Attorney Eric Hovatter. 

Meyer said Jane Doe 1 told him their clothes were first removed during a sexual act when she was 17 years at Jenness Park in Long Barn. Jane Doe 1 also told Meyer about another sexual act between the two when she was 17 on the floor of a hotel during a basketball tournament at Modesto Christian School, he testified.

Meyer said he was able to establish the date of the first alleged sexual act between Jane Doe 2 and McGrady based off of a drawing in Jane Doe 2’s adolescent journal dated to 1995. 

Also as a part of the investigation, Meyer said he reviewed multiple journals, notecards and letters which were used as correspondence between McGrady and the confidential witnesses.

He listed multiple interview subjects, including Jane Doe 1’s parents, a former administrator at Mother Lode Christian School and friends of the confidential witnesses. 

McGrady’s attorney, Clint Parish of Sonora, questioned Meyer about whether he cleared up various inconsistencies the confidential witnesses made in their official statements related to specific dates.

Parish also focused on Jane Doe 1’s temporary departure from Mother Lode Christian School to Summerville High School at the beginning of her sophomore year because some of the charges are identified as during her sophomore volleyball season, a fall sport, in McGrady’s school office. 

Jane Doe 1 previously testified that she practiced with the volleyball team in her sophomore year, though she was ineligible to play in matches because of her previous temporary enrollment at Summerville High School. 

When asking Meyer if he cross-referenced information about the coaches at Mother Lode Christian School in 1995 with The Union Democrat, Meyer said he did not.

“They didn’t teach that in investigation school?” Parish said.

“No,” responded Meyer.

The trial was scheduled to continue at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday. See Thursday's Union Democrat for the full story.

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